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Arts in Residence Programme 2004-5


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There was a Time…Ralph Vaughan Williams - A pictorial journey from the collection of Ursula Vaughan Williams

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MusicWeb can now supply World-wide from the catalogue of the American Label Gasparo at £10, £8 and £6 including postage (restrictions apply on mid-price and budget titles)

New from Gasparo
Phyllis TATE Sonata for clarinet and cello, Air and Variations for violin, clarinet and piano, Three pieces for solo clarinet Karel HUSA Évocations de Slovaquie for clarinet, viola and cello Ingolf DAHL Concerto a Tré for clarinet, violin and cello

MusicWeb can now supply from the catalogue of the Polish labels ARCODIVA and CDACCORD at only £9 post-free World-wide

New from CDACCORD: use this link to purchase

ACD 133-2 K. Penderecki - Ubu Rex Special Edition £25
ACD 131-2 K. Szymanowski - Król Roger Special, Edition £21

ACD130 KILAR Lament, September Symphony Review
ACD078 Les Chemins d'Amour F. Poulenc, C. Debussy, H. Duparc
BEETHOVEN Symphonies 1-9, Egmont, Leonora 3 overtures.The Warsaw Philharmonic - Kazimierz Kord - 5CD boxed set £20 postage paid. A saving of £25

Back in stock from CDACCORD:
ACD071-2 KARLOWICZ Violin Concerto A major Op. 8 "Eternal Songs" symphonic poem Op.10
ACD091 ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741) Le Quattro Stagioni TELEMANN Don Quixote - Suite

ACD 073 Strauss Alpine Symphony Warsaw Philharmonic Kazimierz Kord Read this review Buy disc

New from Arcodiva
Dvorak Slavonic Dances for two Pianos Kristina Krkavcova, Martin Kasik UP 0067-2 131 (CD) New release April 2004
Sylvie Bodorova Juda Maccabeus
Gabriella Benackova (sop), Ales Briscein (ten), Ivan Kusnjer (bar) Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Valek live recording Prague Spring Festival 2002 UP 0065-2 231 (CD) New release Februaury 2004 Review
BENDA Ariadne auf Naxos Jitka Molavcova - Ariadne Alfred Strejcek - Theseus Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchesrta Conductor Jaraslov Krcek UP 0066-2 231 (CD) New Release Jan 2004 Review

New from Redcliffe
RRO20 British String Quartets Vol 3
Frank Bridge: String Quartet No 4; Alan Bush Suite of Six op.81; Henry Purcell Chacony in G minor Bochmann String Quartet


New ARTICLES for this month


CARLOS KLEIBER (1930-2004)

View from the Audience Knight Foundation Administers Tough Love to American Symphony Orchestras to Encourage Building of New Audiences

View from the Audience WHAT IS CLASSICAL MUSIC? WHO LISTENS TO IT? Vignettes from the American scene

PERCY YOUNG - 1912-2004 Obituary by Philip Scowcroft

Georges Charles GOUNOD (1818-1893) Faust - an opera in five acts - Faust on record; a look back and into the future

HISTORY OF MUSIC Part 2 Music of the Renaissance and Reformation Periods Dr David C F Wright

Ever wondered if record companies take any notice of technical criticisms of their production standards? Read on ...

more articles this month here

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View from The Audience

Collector's Corner aims to become the Internet's central resource for the trade and discussion of live concert and opera performances not otherwise commercially available on disc. It is for collectors who wish to swap (no selling is permitted) with other collectors rare, historic and
contemporary performances.
It functions in the same way as any standard bulletin board. Readers simply post lists of recordings they wish to swap and wait. The board will remain unmoderated.
Marc Bridle, Editor, Seen & Heard

SACD, DSD, DTS, AC3, DVD-Audio, SuperAudio confused? Let Paul Shoemaker put you right

An ALL-ARNOLD STUDY DAY and Concert at the Royal Festival Hall 24-9-04

"Has the time come to set Mozart aside and let a new generation discover him?" Hans-Theo Wohlfahrt on Glyndebourne's new Magic Flute.

Mostly Mozart
One hates to harp on about this sort of thing, but in all my concert going years I have never seen a conductor so discomfited or an orchestra so put off – understandably so... says Melanie

Brahms ran screaming, howling, flailing, and frothing through the underbrush muddying his shoes, ripping his clothes, and frightening small animals... says Paul Shoemaker

RECORDING OF THE MONTH Songs after Poems by Theodor Storm A wonderful landmark recording that demonstrates how poetry is translated into song says Anne Ozorio

A New Look for Seen and Heard designed by Bill Kenny

Nostalgia Buffs; do you rember the 1920s,30s,40s? Then you must read Joan Duggan's Nostalgia reviews

An Long Hirteach - St Kilda Mail-Boat - Songs from St Kilda - Evacuated 1930

Why do some people like Yves Nat’s Schumann? Some of the answers are here, if you choose to seek them out. ... see Full Review

Books on Music for sale - a continually growing list

Have you seen?

Are you able to help? Shostakovich's works were premiered and recorded in Estonia by the conductor Roman Matsov. This was to ensure availability of Shostakovich's works for posterity should they be be supressed in the Soviet Union. This priceless collection, in the hands of the son, Mark Matsov, is now endangered. Read more from the Australian 'The Age'

Recovering ancient recordings - BBC


Bronislaw Gimpel archives

A brief outline of the Finnish Art Song by Gustav Djupsjöbacka

Penderecki Arks and Labyrinths by Nicholas Reyland

Thinking of producing your own CD? Visit Bemuso for all sorts of technical and financial advice.

New Toscanini website

Pronouncing dictionary of music and musicians

World Wide Words - did you ever wonder what Big Girl's Blouse meant?

Look who's been dumped Norman Lebrecht and Dave Hurwitz's riposte

Music Business Journal

Opera Italiano

Directory of Distributors and Record Labels

Friends of Radio 3 (FoR3) Keeping Roger Wright on his toes




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NEW Happy Hamper, Little Ones, Postcards, Autobiography, Birds, Bees and Storks

Recording of the Hoffnung Music Festivals: CDs
The Hoffnung Music Festival Concert 1956,The Hoffnung Interplanetary Music Festival 1958,The Hoffnung Astronautical Music Festival 1961

A Last Encore Now on CD $22 post free world-wide
BBC recordings of Speech Day, Oxford Union, December 1958 "Life begins at 38" with the famous Bricklayer story and the hotelier offering French widows in every bedroom.
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