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Jacob van Eyck (ca. 1589-1657)
I Courante Mars
Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (1625)
2 Novell's Galliard
William Byrd (1543-1623)
3 La Volta
Anonymous (Ca. 1580)
4 'Go from my window'
5 Danza de las hachas
Anonymous (16th century)
6 Traditoria Galliarda
Paul Hofhaimer/Hans Newsidler (1536)
7 'Nach Willen Dein'
Intabolatura nova (1551)
8 Fusi Pavana
9 Venetiana Galliarda
10 Gonella Galliarda
Diego Ortiz (1510-1570)
11 Recercada primera (Passamezzo antico)
12 Recercada segunda (Passamezzo moderno)
Luys de Narvaez (1500-1560)
13 Differencias sobre 'Goardame las vacas' I
14 Differencias sobre 'Guardama las vacas' II
Giulio Caccini/Jacob van Ryck (1646)
15 'Amarilli mia bella'
Jacob van Ryck
16 Malle Symen
17 Tweede Carileen
18 Ballette Gravesand

Pierre Attaignant (Paris, 1529)
19 Haulberroys
20 Tourdion
21 Basse Dance
Diego Ortiz (Rome, 1553)
22 Recercoada primera sobre La Spagna
Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
23 La Spagna - Contrapanto
Pietro Vinci (Venice, 1560)
24 Il Gomboro con denaretto (La Spagna)
Cipriano da Rore/Girolamo dalla Casa (1584)
25 'Anchor che co lpartire'
Hayne van Ghizeghem (late 15th century)
26 'De tous biens pleine'
Toinot de Arbeau ('L'Orchesographie', 1588)
27 Air des Bouffons
Jacob van Ryck
28 Courante of Harte Diefje waroem zo still 404
29 Onder de linde groene

Janette Flüel - Flute and recorder
Christian Zimmerman - Vihuela
rec 1994, 1996
ANTES EDITION BM-CD 31.9078 [62.44]

The two most common instruments in the Renaissance were the flute and lute (and related instruments in their respective families). Every ensemble included at least these two instruments or their variants. Paintings from the time often show musicians playing these two instruments, and a large repertory of music was written for the two of them together.

This disc contains a wide variety of pieces from the Renaissance arranged - as was common at the time - for flute and lute. Songs, madrigals, keyboard works and pieces for other instruments are tastefully arranged and performed on this recording, from a diverse selection of styles and composers. There are also a couple of solo lute works and solo flute works as well, which lend more variety to the recording.

Some of the pieces stand out more than others. Novell's Galliard, an arrangement of a virginal piece, works surprisingly well on flute and vihuela, with its many runs up and down the scale. The Byrd piece, La Volta, is more of a showpiece for the vihuela, which provides an attractive accompaniment for the flute, whose melodies are more simple. The three pieces by Diego Ortiz all have a clear Spanish sound to them. The lute is more present here than the flute, and the arrangements are quite interesting. The works by Attaignant, all for solo lute, have that slightly haunting sound of troubadours' songs. One can easily imagine them being played in the great hall of a castle, as the nobles dined. This little-known composer deserves to be heard more.

The composers featured on this disc are from all over Europe: Belgium, Spain, England, Italy, and more. Spanning the entire 16th century, this gives an excellent overview of the diversity of music during this extremely fertile period.

This disc is an interesting introduction to the music of the Renaissance, and an anthology of various composers of the time.

Kirk McElhearn


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