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COUPERIN (Marc Roger Normand) Livre de Tablature   Davitt Moroney (harpsichord and virginal) Hyperion CDA67164 79'30"

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Davitt Moroney is an important scholar and recording artist and his monumental Byrd box has been reviewed recently for MotW. His most recent Hyperion CD is a complete recording on harpsichord (by Phillips after Dumont) and an Italian virginal of a newly discovered manuscript of music by and copied by Marc Roger Normand Couperin, a cousin of Francois Couperin-le-Grand.

There are 57 tracks including pieces of his own and by Chambonnieres, Le Begue, Lully together with arrangements by Couperin of various unattributed pieces. The pieces are grouped by key and the mixture of works by different composers is typical of the 17th century. This adds up to a new treasure trove and a smaller monument to Moroney's ceaselessly enquiring mind, and the scholarship and stylish performance which he brings to all his rediscoveries.

The illustrated booklet runs to 13 pages of text plus French translations and the recording is of Hyperion's usual high standard. The recording was produced with the Festival of d'Ambronay, which aims to bring new life to the ancient Benedictine Abbey and has sponsored outstanding discoveries presented each year.


Peter Grahame Woolf


Peter Grahame Woolf

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