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ALVARO CASSUTO (b. 1938) Evocations (1969) To Love and Peace (1973) In Memoriam Pedro de Freitas Branco    RDP SO/Alvaro Cassuto   STRAUSS PORTUGALSOM SP4120

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Alvaro Cassuto's name is associated with Joly Braga Santos. The rolling Marco Polo series of the Santos symphonies is conducted by Cassuto (one more disc to go). The detailed notes are also provided by Cassuto.

Cassuto's music however is far from amiable or even approachable. The Evocations (a title redolent of Gallic exoticism - Roussel etc) runs the gamut of effects. We get the slippery incessant chatter of the violins and woodwind (quite like Penderecki's Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima). The solo violins and trumpets fanfare in peace across a phantasmal battlefield in a softened tonal atmosphere. This reminds the listener of Geoffrey Burgon. The insectiform Hovhaness-like chittering of the opening returns to round out the structure.

To Love And Peace is decked out with easier fanfares than Evocations though the use of a slightly dull version of the Lutheran chorale in e major from Bach's St Matthew Passion does not come across as a strength.

The In memoriam piece recalls the conductor Pedro De Freitas Branco. The recollection takes its keynote from the sour language of the avant-garde. Despite the notes, which do not avoid musical complexity, I did not feel drawn to the this piece. No doubt this is my loss.

I did not find this at all compelling (musically speaking) although the performances give every sign of dedication, technical accomplishment and audio clarity.


Rob Barnett

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