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Chamber Orchestra Works
London Sinfonietta/Edmon Colomer
Ensayo Perspectives ENY-2001 [50.05]
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This is an attractive collection, apparently of fairly recent Spanish music from the Barcelona area, but I am hesitant because the documentation is sparse in the extreme, with no information about the composers nor dates of their works.

It was recorded by that excellent engineer Tryggvi Tryggvason in London, September 1997, and performed in various combinations by the 11-strong core team of the London Sinfonietta. Joan Guinjoan, b. 1931 and represented here by his single movement Self-parafrasis for piano quintet, is a well loved elder statesman of the Barcelona fraternity. The other composers were all born in the mid -50s.

The New Epigrams by Benet Casablancas, Josep Lluis Guzman's If I have offended you, Pere Casas's four pieces for eleven instruments and Josep Maria Pladevall's Cadenza for cello (Timothy Gill) with ensemble all require the full complement of eleven players. Apart from Guinjoan, Casablancas alone gets a mention in the rather comprehensive survey by Tomas Marco Spanish Music in the Twentieth Century (publ. Harvard).

It is a pity not to know more about the genesis of this CD, but there is plenty of accessible, enjoyable music for listeners curious about the Spanish scene, which remains relatively obscure in UK.


Peter Grahame Woolf

See also PGW's survey of Spanish contemporary music presented at last year's Musica Festival in Strasbourg.


Peter Grahame Woolf

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