January has been a difficult month for S&H, with all the MusicWeb Editors under great pressure, technical and logistical problems in the site during a transition period putting heavy demands upon our single-handed Webmaster, and issues have arisen concerning the inter-relationships between the sections and the way forward.

There have been delays in receiving and processing some reviews and there is a recognised need to update and clarify the MusicWeb search facilities so that visitors do not become discouraged from surfing the site and its linkages, and come to appreciate the particular strengths of Web journalism, but there are too few of us to do all the tasks that we know are needed.

It is disappointing to have still had virtually no feed-back as requested in earlier editorials (please look back to last month's)? Are you suffering from information overload?

We still have little knowledge of who are you? This is important for planning for your needs. What do you read on our site? Does Seen&Heard determine your concert going or MusicWeb your CD purchasing? Do you skim to reach our conclusions or read longer reviews carefully in depth? Do you follow up the links between the sections, inserted for your interest? Do you welcome the illustrations, which take time to provide and insert?

Would you like to try writing for Seen&Heard from your home areas? Would you be interested to contribute towards extending regular coverage into jazz and world music? Share your thoughts!

Take a few moments to tell us; tell us please?

Peter Grahame Woolf

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