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  Any Comments on your answer? If you do come back regularly what is it about the site that prompts you to do so?

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Do you have any difficulties in loading or visiting this site?

Do you have any views on the design of the site i.e. visual appearance, navigation etc?

Do we review too much obscure material or perhaps too much mainstream - what do you think?

Are you happy with the competence of our reviewers? Please name names.

Are you happy with the style of our reviews?

Are you happy with the mix  of our reviews? We review old and new recordings. Do we review new releases quickly enough for you? Do you like to see reviews of back catalogue items?

At present we update the Film Music reviews on each site once a month. Is this sufficient?

We do offer daily Classical and Seen&Heard reviews. Do you have any comment on that?

Seen&Heard reviews live concerts, exhibitions etc., mainly from the London area. Do our overseas readers find this valuable or have any comment?

Have you used the site navigation to move from the review section to the composer section of the site or vice-versa on either the classical or Film Music site?

This site is home to a number of Societies e.g The British Music Society, various Composer Societies. Have you joined any society or might be interested in doing so because of this site?

This site  now has a number of search engines. Do you have any comments from your use of these?

This site has a number of  add-on features e.g newsfeeds, weather reports, on-line dictionary and translation service etc. Do you have any comments on these?

This site  does not offer sound clips of review discs. These can be heard by clicking on the Amazon links. Do you have any comment of this?

The web is transient by nature. As this site has developed we have archived past graphics, index pages etc as a permanent record. Do you have any comment on these archives?

Is there any way in which you would like to contribute to these sites such as submitting a composer profile, concert, CD or book reviewing?

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