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Alice in Wonderland - children's opera - see Stage

14 Caprices for 2 Cellos
(20 October 1969)
For pupil and teacher
Dedication: Philippa Josephs and Sylvia Bor

A Child of the Universe - see Stage

Concerto for Brass - see Orchestra

Five Fictitious Folksongs - see Small Ensemble

Happitaphs (12 Happy Epitaphs) - see Vocal

4 Japanese Lyrics - see Vocal

The King of the Coast - children's musical in 3 acts - see Stage

Little Venice Serenade
Op. 23 (completed 1960) - - perc - strings (violas optional)
First performance: 22 March 1963, Hornchurch, Essex, England. Hornchurch Youth Orchestra conducted by Dennis Clift Commissioned by Chappell & Co Mornington

The Montgolfiers' Famous Flying Globe
Op 128 (16 June - 1 July 1982)
Operetta for schools
Libretto: David Self (English)
First performance: 1983, BBC
Commissioned by Peter Hutchings

Mortales - see Vocal

Philippa Variations
0p89 (19 July - 10 October 1974)
on a theme by the composer's 12 year-old daughter
3121.picc.3(2).corA.3(2).bcl.3 - 3(21.3121.3.0 -3(2) perc - harp (piano) - strings
First performance: 24 May 1975. Manchester, England. Chetham's Hospital School Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Smith
Commissioned by the Saddleworth Festival with Arts Council of Great Britain funds

Pièces pour ma Belle-Mère
0p18 (1958-59)
Dedication of third piece: 'a Marty'

Protégéz-moi - see Vocal

Songs of Innocence
(2 March - 18 June 1972)
Text: William Blake, Thomas Nashe (English)
Adult (S.AT.B.) and children's choruses, piano or 2.2111.2.2(1) - - 2 perc - strings

So She Went Into the Garden - see Vocal

Symphony No.8 The Four Elements
0p98 for wind orchestra or symphonic band -see Orchestra

This is the Key of the Kingdom - see Vocal

Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There - children's opera - see Stage

A Trio of Trios (Variations on well-known French Tunes)
0p87 (19-28 January 1974)
Piano trio
Dedication: 'Philippa & Claudia'
Boosey & Hawkes

William and the Bomb - see Vocal

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