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Adam & Eve - an entertainment
Text: David Kossoff (English)
Narrator, flute, oboe (= cor anglais), clarinet 1= bass clarinet), bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, 1 percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass; can also be performed by narrator with solo piano or with various intermediate forces
First performance: 4 February 1968, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. David Kossoff, Nash Ensemble
Commissioned by the Nash Ensemble

Aeroplanes & Angels
Op. 103 (7977 - 28 January 1978)
Text: 12 poems by Gunter Grass translated by Michael Hamburger and Christopher Middleton (English)
S.AT.B. and piano duet
First performance: 12 April 1978, Wigmore Hall, London. Milla Andrew, Sybil Michelow, James  Griffett, Derek Hammond-Stroud, Phyllis Sellick, Terence Beckles.
Commissioned by the Terry Slasberg Agency with Arts Council of Great Britain funds
Dedication: 'To the performers'

"Aria" from "Quasimodo and Giulietta" (Act 9, Sc.4) by "Giacomo Scarlatina"
(8 August - 15 September 1987)
"Realised by "Maynard Nelson" (pseudonym of  W.J.)
Spoof operatic aria; libretto by composer (Italian musical terms)
Tenor Solo - 3333 - 4331 - Hp - Timp - 3perc - strings
First performance: 1 January 1988, Dusseldorf. in Hoffnung Festival Solo tenor: Christoph Ellermeler Commissioned by Hoffnung Festival
Dedication: for Annetta, Tom and Christoph
ms. 'refer to Hoffnung Festivals' (See Recordings)

2 Cat Songs
Op. 54 (4 October 1966)
Text: (1) Ewart Milne, (21 Bernard Kops (English)
Commissioned by The Zimriyah Choir
Dedication: 'For the Zimriyah Choir's 10th Anniversary '
Boosey & Hawkes

A Child of the Universe - see Stage

4 Chinese Lyrics
Op.41 (19 August 1963)
Text: Penguin Book of Chinese Verse (English)
2 or more voices and piano or guitar; also available with accompaniment arranged by John Gardner for 4 clarinets
First performance: 13 November 1963, Arts Council, St James's Square, London. Sung by Joy Hyman and Jennifer Rice
Dedication: 'for Joy & Jennifer'

Death of a Young Man
Op 74A/B (12 January - 8 July 1970)
Song cycle for baritone and piano (Op. 74A) or baritone and chamber orchestra (Op.74B)
Text: Bernard Jacobson (English)
0p.74B: - - 1 perc - cel - harp - strings
First performance of 0p.74A: 5 August1971, Harrogate, England. Thomas Hemaley and Paul Hamburger
Commissioned by the Harrogate Festival

Fish Heaven
Op.163 (15 April - 23 June 1991)
Text: The Fish; Heaven - Rupert Brooke
Mezzo and 10 players:- Fl/alto/picc, Ob/ob d'a, Bass Clarlpedal(CB)clar. Horn, Celesta, Harp, String Quintet
Commissioned by Dr. Hilary Koprowski and the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia
Dedication: In celebration of the Institute's Centennial, 1992
First performance: May 3rd 1992, Academy of Music, Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Chamber Soloists with Kimball Wheeler (mezzo-soprano)
conducted by Luis Biava
Two Movements: The Fish; Heaven

Happitaphs (12 Happy Epitaphs)
Op.81 (8-12 July 1971)
Text: the composer and anon (English)
Children's (or adult) voices and piano
Dedication: 'For Philippa, Claudia, their schoolfriends & Mrs Magub'
Boosey & Hawkes

4 Japanese Lyrics
0p.47 (12-14 June 1965)
Text: I(1)anon., (2) Tsuboi Shigeji. (3) anon., (4) Takenaka Iku,
translated by Geoffrey Bownes and Anthony Thwaite (English)
High voice, piano, and optional clarinet, oboe, cor anglais, violin, viola or cello
Commissioned by the Peregrine Trio

Op.107 (23 July1978 - 17 July1979)
Text: various (English and German)
Voice and piano
Recital Music
c.34' total (any selection may be performed)

Mass for St Cuthbert of Durham
Music Haven
(Enquiries to the Publishers)

3 Mediaeval Lyrics
Op.65 (13 June 1968)
Text: from Penguin Medieval English Verse, translated by Brian Stone (English)
S.A.T or high Bar. low Bar or B, wind quintet
First performance: 8 February 1969, Purcell Room, London. Grosvenor Ensemble conducted by Harry Logge
Commissioned by the Grosvenor Ensemble
Dedication: Grosvenor Ensemble

Op. 62 (16 January1967 - 31 May 1969)
Text compiled by the composer: William Blake, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Thomas Nashe, Martin Luther, the composer, and anon. (English with some German)
S.A.T.B. and optional Bar. soloists, adult (S.A.T. B.) and children's choruses, - - timp.
3 perc - harp - cel - strings
First performance: 23 May 1970, Music Hall, Cincinnati, USA., soloists, choruses, Cincinnati
Symphony Orchestra conducted by Julius Rudel
Commissioned by the Cincinnati May Festival
Dedication: Max Rudolf

Nightmusic for voice and orchestra
Op. 71 (20 August1969 - 27 February 1970)
Text: 'Night' in 29 languages, otherwise mainly wordless
Alto (or mezzo, baritone, or tenor) - 2(11 = picc, optional a.fI).2(2 corA).2)Il = bcl).2)ll dbn) - - 1 (or more) perc - cel - harp - strings minimum)
First performance: 23 October 1974, Mountford Hall, Liverpool, England. Sybil Michelow (alto), Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Groves
Dedication: 'for Bonnie & Bernard Jacobson as a belated wedding present'

Overture The Heaving Bagpipe Op.133 - see Orchestral

Op.44 (14-15 Oecember 1964)
Text: Breton fisherman's prayer (French)
Children's (or women's) voices (minimum 4) and piano, with optional recorders, percussion, and school orchestra
First performance: 11 March 1968, Camden Festival, London. Finchley Children's Music Group conducted by John Andrewes
Dedication: Deanna Wisbey
Boosey & Hawkes

Op. 39 (7 May 1962 - 2 March 1963)
Text: phonetic transliteration of Mourner's Kaddish (Hebrew)
Solo bass, baritone, or bass-baritone - solo string quintet 12 cellos) - double chorus - - - 2 perc - harp - strings
First performance: 28 October 1965, La Scala, Milan. Renato Capecchi (bar), Orchestra and Chorus of La Scala conducted by Nino Sanzogno Dedication: 'pro defunctis iudaeis' (incorporates String Quintet, Op.32) 1st Prize, First Composition Competition, La Scala and City of Milan 1963
(See Recordings)

So She Went Into the Garden
Op.45 (15 February 1965)
A nonsense song for children or adults Text: Samuel Foote (English) 3-part equal voices and piano (with optional recorders)
Dedication: 'for Philippa & Claudia'

Spring Songs
Op.120 (26-28 January 1981)
Text: Christopher Marlowe, The Song of Solomon, William Cornish, John Lyly, and Robert Herrick (English)
S.A.T.B. chorus
First performance: 30 April 1981, Aula Maxima, University of Cork, Ireland. New London Singers
conducted by Geoffrey Mitchell
Commissioned by the Cork Festival
Dedication: 'for Violet & Basil'

Symphony No.6
Op.83 (8 June1972 - 19 June1974)
with voices
Texts by Seneca, Phaedrus, Ausonius, and Hadrian and anon. (Latin)
lyric soprano and baritone soil - chorus (S.A.T.B.I)- 3(1,11,111 = picc, II = a.fl).3(lI = optional oboe d'amore, III = corA).3(II = bcl, III = optional pedal cl).3(111 = dbn) = - timp. 4 perc - cel -harp - strings (
Dedication: Carlo Maria Giulini

The Little Dog's Day
Op 151(9 September 1951 - 27 June 1988)
Text: Rupert Brooke (English)
Soprano, 2 clarinets, viola, cello, bass
Dedication: 'For Mary Weigold'

4 Songs and Incidental Music for The Tempest
- see Stage

This is the Key of the Kingdom
Op. 52 (3 May 1966)
Text: anon. (English)
Children's or female voices

To Elizabeth
(20 October 1992)
Text by Composer (English)
Soprano, Pfte, Stg Quartet

Twelve Letters - an entertainment
Op.16 (completed 28 August 1957)
Text from 'A Moral Alphabet' by Hilaire Belloc (English)
Narrator, B flat clarinet, string trio, piano; also version for narrator and piano
First public performance: 19 January 1964, Royal Festival Hall, London. Michael Flanders, Park Lane
Ensemble conducted by Norman Del Mar
Commissioned by Sidney Harrison and Chiswick Music Club
(See Recordings)

Two A Cappella Choruses to words by Christina Rossetti

Op. 146 (completed 6th August 1987)
Poems by Christina Rossetti (English)
(a) Song (When I am dead. my dearest)
SATB chorus
Commissioned by University College Singers, Bangor and Geraint Lowis, with Welsh Arts Council funds
Dedicated to them
(b) A Birthday (My heart is like a singing bird)
TTBB chorus
Commissioned by Ynysowen Male Voice Choir with Welsh Arts Council funds
Dedicated to them
c.8 total

William and the Bomb an entertainment
Op 170(10 February 1993 - 2 May 1993)
Text: Richmal Crompton
Commissioned by Cardiff Festival 1993 with funds by them and Welsh Arts Council
Dedicated to David Owen Norris, Michael Tearle and Martin Jarvis
Narrator (Jarvis) and Orchestra 3222 - 4230 - Harp - Actor - 2 perc - stgs
First performance: 25 September 1993 in St. David's Hall, Cardiff, BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra conducted by Grant Llewelyn

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