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Amazon France

Thierry Derckel Trio

At Home

Westland Music WM168 [52:15]


At home


Aux actes Monké


Au travers des saisons

Le chat dans la meditation


Un air sur la Lys

My Romance

Thierry Derckel (piano)
Jacinto Carbajal (acoustic bass, bugle)
Sébastien Dewaele (drums)
Stephane Wils (percussion)

Marc Berthoumieux (accordion and additional keyboard)

Olivier Louvel (guitars)

rec. 2018, Jazz Club of Dunkirk, France

Thierry Derckel has played the piano since the age of nine, and from early on was attracted to jazz. He later had tuition at Center Music Didier Lockwood in the class of Benoit Sourisse and André Charlier, followed by four years at the Conservatory of Dunkerque with Philippe Michel. Carine Bonnefoy was his final teacher at the Conservatory of music in Cachan, France. Derckel honed his trade in the jazz clubs of Paris, and has been a frequent visitor to the Jazz Club of Dunkerque, where this album was recorded in April and September 2018. Derckel’s multi-talents include pianist, organist, composer and arranger. At Home is his fourth album, and eight of the tracks were written by him, with the final track My Romance by Richard Rogers.

The album takes its title from the opening track At home, which has a warm intimate and familiar feel about it. Derckel is supported by bass and drums. I particularly like the discreet percussion effects of Stéphane Wils adding some discreet touches to the ends of phrases. Margeride, which follows, is relaxed and laid-back. The bugle is featured prominently, and Carbajal weaves an expressive counter-melody around the piano line. Dreamy, relaxed and idyllic, Synchronicité is one of my favorite tracks. Marc Berthoumieux's accordion makes its one and only appearance, providing persuasive colour and halcyon calm. I also like the hypnotic effect of Le chat dans la meditation. The ostinato-type chords on the piano provide a backdrop for some mezmerizing meanderings by the bugle. The upbeat rhythms of Félicité bring us firmly back to earth. Derckel’s ingenious working of the standard My Romance by Richard Rogers is the perfect vehicle to showcase his imaginative improvisatory piano skills.

All told, I enjoyed the album very much, and the recording engineers have worked wonders in achieving a perfect balance of all instrumentalists in the final mix. The applause, after the last number, signals that the music has been taken from a live event.

Stephen Greenbank

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