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282 pages, mainly of cuttings (often more than 6 per page) from national and provincial newspapers, including the Radio Times,  dealing with announcements and reviews of performances and  compositions, together with biographical notes, over the period  1930-1945, most numerous 1930-1933, few during World War II.

Personal letters, from Professor Bell, John Churchill (3), di  Ravelli, May Hely-Hutchinson, Victor Hely-Hutchinson (6), Walter  Hely-Hutchinson (3), D W Stewart and Donald Tovey (6),.

Testimonials requested by Marjorie soon after Victor’s death, with  the aim of compiling a biography; contributed by Anonymous (6), C Bailey, A Bevin, E Blom, Thomas Bodkin, CG Burton, CBSO horn player, C Cliffe (2), GD Cunningham, S H Day, George Dyson, Etienne ?, Rob Elkin, C Faulkner, Hilary Field, Joan Forsyth, William Hailey, H Hales, Stuart Hibberd, C Hollis, A Jam, Basil Johnson, Colonel Johnson, Mary Levett, A Lewis, Nao Lutyens, W Martineau, A Mayer, Derek McCullough,? Moore, Herbert Murrill, FW Pickard, CG Robertson, H Rutland, M Strickland-Constable, G E Turton Harry Vowles, Eric Warre, John Waterhouse, P Wilson, John Wilkes, P Wishart, T Wood, Ken Wright, A Wynn and Natalie Young. These cover his whole life, including childhood, in considerable depth.

Bacharach, A.L. (ed) (1957). The Music Masters - 4 - The twentieth century. Pelican.

Brook, D. (1946). Composers’ gallery. Rockliffe.

Crowe, R J. (1905). The Governor’s Tour. Visit to Fort Cox.

Grierson, M. (1952). Donald Francis Tovey. OUP.

Hely-Hutchinson M. (1964). I remember the days. unpublished 158 pp.

Hely-Hutchinson V. (1926?) Strictly unofficial, Uncle Porps. Un-known SABC publication. pp 74-80.

Hely-Hutchinson, V. (1939) Beethoven Concerts conducted by Arturo Toscanini. BBC. (one of his few authenticated programme notes)

Hely-Hutchinson, V. (1941?) from "The tribute to Leslie Heward", unknown publisher.

Hely-Hutchinson W. (1909) A discursive discussion, delivered at Paarl, Cape Colony.

Hely-Hutchinson, W. (1909) Citizenship. Delivered at Stellenbosch, Cape Colony.

Isaacson, W. (1998) Our century ….. and the next one. Time Magazine 151, 15. Pp 28-33.

Malan, J P. Hely-Hutchinson, Christian Victor noel Hope. The South African Music Encyclopaedia. pp 187-191.

South African Broadcasting Corporation (1924) The family’s first Christmas card, with cartoon of VHH.

Smith, B (1994) Peter Warlock, OUP, IBSN 019816310X

South African National Convention. (1909). SA Library, Cape Town, RSA.

South Africa Act (draft) (1909). SA Library, Cape Town, RSA.


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The Charcoal Burner’s Son s/pf du Garde Peach 1930 OUP

Hearts are Trumps satb/pf incidental du Garde Peach 1932 Elkin

The Unveiling chor incidental Downes 1927 Elkin

(all above in British Library)


Antony & Cleopatra tr&qu Incidental Shakespeare 1930

Beggar on Horseback str/cl/pf incidental Kaufman/Connelly (arr) 1930

Camouflage sm orch incidental 1943?

A City small orch incidental Dunning ?

Excavators small orch incidental 1943?

The House Fairy ch+sm orch incidental Laurence Houseman 1930

Macbeth wind+drums incidental Shakespeare ?

The Mock Doctor s/pf incidental Fielding ?

The Napoleon of Notting Hill satb + 4*tr incidental Chesterton ?

Precession sm ocrh incidental E J King Bull 1931

The Rumour sm orch incidental C . K . Munro 1930 2 *

(all above in Jagger Library South Africa)


Aucassin and Nicolette incidental arrangement 1930

The Man In The Iron Mask incidental Dumas? 1936

Marco Polo incidental 1943?

The three musketeers incidental Dumas 1933

RUR incidental Karel Capek 1927?

The unknown warrior (complete) orch incidental

Yes, and back again incidental de la Mare 1930



A Carol Symphony orch instr 1927 Paterson’s

Three Fugal Fancies strings instr 1932 Elkin

Overture to a pantomime orch instr 1947 Prowse

Symphony for small orchestra orch instr 1947 Patersons

Variations, I S & F orch instr 1927 Stainer & Bell

(many of these scores in British Library)


Idyll and Diversions str qu instr

Serenade orch instr 1939

(all above in Jagger Library South Africa)

Serenade sunmitted as past of a Mus Doc thesis (19410

(Bodleian Library)


A Carol Symphony orch instr CDM 7 64131 2 1927 EMI

South African Suite orch instr LT 2965 SABC

Symphony for Sm Or movts 2&3 orch instr damaged 1947 BBC HELY-HUTCHINSON


The young idea pf+orch instr 1930

Several Intermezzi sm orch instr e.g. ITMA BBC?

The unknown warrior (berceuse) orch instr b1939



Adam lay y-bounden satb chor 1963 Elkin Y

Adam lay y-bounden ssa/pf song 1963 Elkin Y

I vow to thee, my country satb/orch chor Spring Rice 1937 Elkin Y

Old Mother hubbard satb/pf chor 1929 Paterson’s Y

Old mother hubbard ttbb/pf chor 1932 Paterson’s Y

Five songs of innocence sa/pf songs Blake 1928 OUP Y

(all in British Library)


A mass in C satb Choral

On the death of Smet Smet chor str pf choral arr?

Who goes home? satb/orch choral Chesterton

(all in N Jagger Library)


The dong with the luminous nose chor/orch choral Lear



Adam lay y-bounden s/pf song 1931 Elkin Y

Alice songs (AIW & ATLG) s/pf song Carroll 1931 Elkin Y

Beautiful soup s/pf song Carroll 1939 Elkin Y

The bees song s/pf song W de la Mare 1927 Elkin Y

Bravo s/pf song Weatherly 1915 Elkin Y

Christmas everywhere s/pf song Natalie H-H 1910 Novello Y

Dream song s/pf song de la Mare 1927 OUP Y

The echoing green & others sa/pf songs Blake 1932 Elkin Y

Five folly songs s/pf songs 1928 Cramer Y

The hidden things s/pf song Beaumont 1925 Stainer & Bell Y

The huntsmen s/pf song de la Mare 1927 OUP Y

The jolly Beggar s/pf song 1931 Elkin Y

National Anthem for S A s/pf song 1910 Novello Y

Three nonsense songs s/pf songs Lear 1927 Paterson’s Y

Old Mother hubbard s/pf song 1929 Paterson’s Y

Old mother hubbard s/pf song 1932 Paterson’s Y

The old soldier s/pf song de la Mare 1927 OUP Y

The old soldier Unison song de la Mare 1929 OUP Y

Ruthless rhymes s/pf songs Graham 1945 Arnold/Elkin Y

More Ruthless rhymes s/pf songs Graham 1946 Arnold/Elkin Y

Lyrics s/pf songs Chesterton 1933 Elkin Y

Lyrics s/pf songs Kipling 1937 Elkin Y

Silver s/pf song de la Mare 1927 OUP Y

The song of soldiers s/pf song de la Mare 1933 Elkin Y

The song of soldiers unison/pf song de la Mare 1938 Elkin Y

Three songs (Peacock pie) s/pf songs de la Mare 1927 Elkin Y

Songs from the bad child’s b o b s/pf songs Belloc 1935 Elkin Y

Five songs of innocence sa/pf songs Blake 1928 OUP Y

Trees s/pf song de la Mare 1927 Elkin Y

The twa corbies s/pf song 1931 Elkin Y

Cities and thrones and powers s/pf song Kipling Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

The cupboard s/pf song de la Mare Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

Castle Patrick s/pf song Chesterton Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

The little old cupid s/pf song De la Mare Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

The rolling English Road s/pf song Chesterton Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

The queen’s men s/pf song Kipling Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

Who goes home? S/pf song Chesterton Elkin Y HUTCHINSON

The window s/pf song de la Mare Elkin Y HELY-HUTCHINSON

(all in British Library apart from last eight which are with Hely-Hutchinson family)


Absence s/pf song

Auld Robin Gray s/pf song Lindsay

Come landlord s/pf song

Cradle song s/pf song

Gratiana dancing s/pf song R.Lovelace

Home s/pf song Rupert Brooke

1 leave this garden s/pf song

Invictus s/pf song W E Henley 2*

It was a lordling's daughter s/pf song Shakespeare 1920

Lavender Ann s/pf song

The little green orchard s/pf song Walter de la Mare

The logical vegetarian s/pf song G.K.Chesterton

The lost shoe s/pf song

The march on Ivywood s/pf song

Mr Mandragon s/pf song

The mocking fairy s/pf song 2*

Noah s + sm orch song

Noah s/pf song

0 love, they wrong me much s/pf song

0 my luve's like a red, red rose s/pf song Burns

The old stone house s/pf song

A ripple song s/pf song Kipling

The Saracen' s Head s/pf song

Serenade v + sm orch song

Serenade s/pf song

Shir and the grasshopper s/pf song Kipling

Song against grocers s/pf song

The song of quoodle s/pf song

The song of quoodle s/small orch song

The song of shadows s/pf song

The sweep of the daffodill s/pf song

They would sell silks to me s/pf song Arabian Nights

The way through the woods s/pf> Song Kipling 2*

Who goes home? S/pf song Chesterton 1933 Elkin

Who goes home? s/pf song 1933

Wisdom s/pf song

(all Jagger Library)


The soldier’s song s/pf song

Ruthless Rhymes s/pf songs

More Ruthless Rhymes s/pf songs



Forgotten fairy tales orch arr see Mac Dowell E 1938 Y

Four old English Dances orch instr/arr see Coates A. 1934 Y

God Save the Queen orch orch Y? ITV?

Old English melodies orch arr see Wilson H 1934 Y

Old English melodies mil bnd arr see Wilson H 1930 Y

Pomp & Circumstance pf arr Elgar c1930 Boosey Y

The rival poets mil bnd sel see German E 1930 Boosey Y

Songs of Edward German mil bnd arr see German E 1931 Boosey Y

(all British Library)


Bach, gavotte+Rondo v/pf arr

Chopin prelude str orch arr

Mendlesohn duetto ob/cl/pf arr

Mozart das veilchen satb+orch arr

(all Jagger Library)



Sonata for pianoforte pf instr 1914 Novello

Symphony for s o andante pf instr arr Murrill 1947 Patersons

The young idea 2*pf instr 1931 Elkin

(all British Library)


Songs of the wrens pf arr 1930



String Quartet in E flat

(Bodleian library)


Piano quintet qu+pf instr

Sonatina v/pf instr b1930

Sonata vla/pf instr b1930



Beethoven cadenza G maj pf cadenza

Mozart cadenza B flat pf cadenza 2*

Mozart cadenza E flat pf cadenza 2*

Mozart cadenzas A pf cadenza 2*

Mozart cadenza Cm pf cadenza

Mozart cadenza D pf cadenza

(all Jagger Library)


A Child’s thoughts various 1910 Novello Y British Library


C A Hely-Hutchinson, 3 Brand Lane, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1NN

The Jagger Library (Archives), University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700, Republic of South Africa

The British Library, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG

The South African Broadcasting Corporation, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

Africa Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, Oxford

Please note: Only a small proportion of these works has been seen by the writer. The remaining specifications are based on other records. A more exhaustive and possibly more accurate list will be compiled if and when funds become available for a deeper study.

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