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Naaman, The Leprosy of War 1938 Full Orch. In one act with libretto by composer based on the Bible. Unperformed
The Return of Odysseus 1939/40 Full Orch. Translated from Homer by the composer but inspired by the Lawrence translation of the Odyssey. Act I only performed at the Parry Memorial Theatre, Royal College of Music Saturday 25 May 1940. Maggie Teyte sang Penelope, Boyd Neel conducted.
The Partisans 1946 Opera in two scenes. Full orchestra. Written for the W.M.A, Opera Group. First Perf. W.M.A. Opera Group at St. Pancras Town Hall, 28 May 1946. Further Perfs. 1947 and 3 March 1948 including ones at Llanelli. Geoffrey Corbett conducted.
Avon 1949 Full Orch. Performed by the Exploratory Society, The Scala Theatre, London, 11-14, 16 and 18 April 1949. Geoffrey Corbett conducted.
The Horses of the Dawn 1950 School Opera. Based on Euripides’ Rhesus. Unperformed
The Tinners of Cornwall 1953 Chamber orch. Performed at the Rudolf Steiner Hall 30 September 1953 and 1, 2, 3 October 1953 (London-Cornish Assn. and Clarendon Opera Productions Ltd.) Geoffrey Corbett (30 Sept and 1 Oct) conducted and John Foster (2, 3 Oct). Producer: Harry Powell Lloyd.
The Logan Rock 1956 Chamber Opera in three Acts. Performed by the Cornish Opera Group, Minack Open Air Minack Theatre, Porthcurno, Cornwall, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24 August 1956 and at St. Ives in 1957. Cast included Edith Coates, Marcus Dods conducted. Producer: Harry Powell Lloyd.
The Prince of Coxcombs 1965 Full Orch. Winner of Morley College Opera Competition. based on Vanbrugh’s The Relapse. Performed at Morley College, 3, 4, 5, 6 February 1965. Geoffrey Corbett conducted.
The Three Wise Men 1967 Church Chamber-Opera in One Act, written for the Sacred Music Drama Society. First Perf. at Kings Langley, Herts (Composer conducted) 1967 by S.M.D.S. followed by performances on 11, 12, 13 January 1968 at All Saints Church, Margaret St, London W.1 and revival, 1972, West Hampstead.
The Prisoner Paul 1970 Church Chamber Opera in two Acts. Written for the S.M.D.S. First Performed by S.M.D.S. at St. Paul’s, Covent Garden in 1970 and also at St Saviour’s, Eastbourne in same year. W.L. Harris conducted.
A Will of Her Own 1972/73 Comic Chamber Opera in four scenes, commissioned by Opera Piccina but not performed by this group. First Perf. 31 May 1985 at the Essex Hall, London by Celtic Music Theatre. W.L. Harris conducted.
The Rubicon 1983 Opera in three Acts, scored for Wind and Harp only, Men’s Chorus in pit. Unperformed
Lindisfarne 1986 Opera in three acts - full Orch. Unperformed
Claudia’s Dream 1989 Opera in Three Acts - full Orch. Unperformed
Galileo 1992 Opera in Five Acts and Five Choral Episodes - Full Orch. Unperformed


Three Chinese Pictures 1936 Baritone, Clarinet & Piano. Perf. Royal College of Music 1936 and St John’s, Smith Square, 1995.
Phantasy String Quartet 1936 Winner of the Cobbett Prize 1936. Perf. Royal College of Music 1936
Comedy Overture 1939 Orchestra Broadcast 1939
Choral Overture 1940 Chorus and orchestra. Words by Winston Churchill, with permission. Unperformed
Variations on an Indian Theme 1940 Orchestra Perf. Royal College of Music Cond. by Boyd Neel, 1940
Heyday Freedom 1943 Orchestra. Published, Hinrichsen, 1949 Perf. Proms, 1943 Cond. Basil Cameron. Broadcast: B.B.C. Scottish Orch. Cond. Iain Whyte.
Canute Song
For male voices and piano. Performed by Oriana Madrigal Society under Charles Kennedy Scott;
Ode to the Sun 1950 /53 Baritone and piano
Three Rhythmical Pieces 1951? 1. Dochmias;2. Paeans; 3. Choriambs - for piano Performed by Geoffrey Corbett and Dennis Rothwell
Five Bells 1942 A Naval Suite for Chorus and Full Orch. Published by Hinrichsen. Not publicly performed, but used at a music camp.
The Black Mountains 1956 Song cycle for Baritone & Piano. Perf - Recorded, 1975 by Donald Franckeand W.L. Harris. First public perf by them at St. John’s, Smith Square, 7th. May 1995.
Sing from the Chamber to the Grave 1956 Men’s Voices, arranged from The Tinners of Cornwall, Publ. O.U.P.)
Songs of Experience 1957 Song cycle for Soprano or Tenor & Piano. Broadcast, 1957 by Wilfred Brown & Frederick Stone.
First Will and Testament 1960 Tenor, Baritone & Bass, unaccomp. Words from William. Bottrell, Publ. O.U.P.
In Those Twelve Days 1974 Variations for Clarsach or other Harp, based on a Cornish Carol. publ. Thames Publishing Frequently performed by Brian Davis.
Woman’s Heart 1974 Songs for Soprano and Harp. Recorded 1975 by Margaret Lindsay and Brian Davis
Concerto for Harp and Full Orchestra 1973 Harp and Full Orchestra. First perf Brian Davis and Norwich Mozart Orch, cond Colin Clouting, Norwich 1973
Christus Resurgens

performed at St. Patrick’s, Soho Square

Hail, Sacred Day 1976 A Ceremony of Cornish Carols, for Chorus and Harp, with Speaker. Parts now being reprinted. First Perf. 1976, West Hampstead, with Brian Davis, Harp.
Comedy Symphony 1976 Based on themes from The Prince of Coxcombs
Peder Can Kernow 1977 Four Cornish Folk-Songs for soprano and harp in Cornish and English performed by Margaret Lindsay and Jane Lofthouse.
The Daytime of Christ 1978 Full-length Dramatic Oratorio for an operatic film for Chorus and Full Orchestra in 7 scenes and six interludes. For soloists, chorus and full orch. The only substantial solo part is that for Jesus. The other solos can be taken by members of the chorus. Unperformed
Concerto in A flat minor for Solo Harp 1992
First Perf. Brian Davis, 1981, Banbury, and 1992.
Ruth and Naomi 1993 Song-Cycle for Soprano and Harp. First Perf. Andrée Back and Brian Davis, National Portrait Gallery, 1993.
Songs of Friendship 1994 Song Cycle for Baritone and Piano originally dating from about 1984, recast in 1994 for Tenor and Piano. First Perf. In second version, 7 May 1995 at St. John’s, Smith Sq. by Ian Partridge and Michael Dussek.
The Lamb that e’er the world began 1996 Voice, recorder and piano “For Peter Crossley-Holland in memory of our old (or young) friendship.”


Canow Kernow 1966 Songs and Dances of Cornwall. First Edition. Publ. 1966. Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. Several reprints since.
Now Carol We 1966 Cornish Carols for unaccomp. mixed voices Publ. 1966. O.U.P.

(N.B. These are only two of the more important works he has edited. A major work has been the performing editions of mediaeval sacred music dramas from the 13th Century Fleury manuscript for performance in English by the Sacred Music Drama Society)


Song cycles and works for harp - Ninetieth Birthday Celebration at St. John’s, Smith Square, 7 May 1995. Singers: Andrée Back, Jane Lofthouse (sopranos), Ian Partridge C.B.E. (tenor), Donald Francke (baritone). Pianists: Michael Dussek, William Lewarne Harris Harp: Brian Davis. Clarinet: Andrew Sparling.

Concert at Richmond Methodist Chapel, Penzance, 8 July 1995. Peder Can Kernow (Four Cornish Folksongs), Woman’s Heart, Ruth and Naomi: Jane Lofthouse and Brian Davis. Concerto in A flat minor for Solo Harp and In Those Twelve Days: Brian Davis. Songs from The Logan Rock: David Peters (baritone) with Louise Williams (piano) Readings by Donald Rawe.

The Logan Rock Overture, School Hall, Eton College on 16 September 1995 (First Performance) the Windsor Sinfonia conducted by Robert Tucker.

The Easter Trilogy of Mediaeval Music Dramas (edited by Inglis Gundry): S.M.D.S. at Richmond Unitarian Church (Surrey) on 18 June 1995 and at St. Mark’s Church,

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