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Picture Gallery

Benjamin Frankel as a boy (seated right) c. 1914
with sister Minna and brother Isidor
and their parents Charles and Golda (centre and left)
Charles and Golda Frankel (standing)
Isidor, Minna and Benjamin (left to right)
Muir Matheson (left) and Benjamin Frankel looking on as Albert Ferber plays Litolff during a film session c.1949
Hans Keller, Benjamin Frankel and Alan Rawsthorne (left to right) in Florence for the 1950 Film Music Festival "Maggio Musicale"
Benjamin Frankel
Benjamin Frankel's composition class
Guildhall School of Music c.1950
Danny Inman (standing)
Geoffrey Wright, Alan Owen
Ray Jones, Benjamin Frankel,
James Stevens, Edwin Carr
Benjamin Frankel (front left)
at a reception of the I.S.C.M
Benjamin Frankel (centre) at a meeting of the
International Society for Contemporary Music c.1954
(those on either side have not been identified)
Benjamin Frankel at home
(Verbanella Alta) in
Frankel with 'Little Pinky' c.1960 (L) 1959(R)
Benjamin Frankel with friend and former pupil, Buxton Orr (left), Switzerland c.1962


c.1963              c.1966
Benjamin Frankel and his third wife
Xenia, at Tibberton Court near
Cheltenham, for the premiere of his Viola Concerto, July 1967
Switzerland c.1967
Benjamin Frankel with his third wife, Xenia c.1968 (married February 1972)
Ben and Xenia on their Wedding Day, 26th February 1972.
Old Denham Village, Buckinghamshire
On holiday in Adelboden, Summer 1970
chez 'Chalet Rostal', Switzerland
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