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Collection: Great Composers (of Film Music) John Williams   VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD 6047 [59:24]





Album Comprises: Star Wars – Main Title; The Empire Strikes Back – The Imperial March; Return of the Jedi – Parade of the Ewoks; Jurassic Park – Theme; Amazing Stories – Main Title; Superman: The Movie – Main Title; Midway – Midway March; Schindler’s List – Theme; Presumed Innocent – End Credits *; Sabrina – End Credits; Family Plot – End Credits; Stanley & Iris – End Credits *; The Poseidon Adventure – Main Title; The Cowboys – Main Title *; Earthquake – Main Title; The Towering Inferno – Main Title

* Original Soundtracks conducted by John Williams

These selections have all appeared on previous Varèse Sarabande albums. Avid collectors will not need to make the investment unless they want them in one convenient package but for those who have none or few of them this compilation is enthusiastically recommended. All the tracks are played with great verve and polish and the sound is superb.

Any comment is superfluous. All the discs, from which these selections were came, were praised by the critics. The selection is intelligent for it demonstrates very well the rich diversity of John Williams’s genius. It ranges from the magisterial Star Wars music through the heroic Superman theme to the poignancy of Schindler’s List, the surging seascapes of The Poseidon Adventure, and the sparkling romance of Sabrina (with a magical piano solo performace by pianist Lynda Cochrane) to the gentle fragility of Stanley & Iris (a radiantly lovely score for a very underrated film.)



Ian Lace


Ian Lace

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