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  David NEWMAN Bowfinger   OST    VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6040 [41:28]




The tracks are:

1. There is always one more time.......Johnny Adams

2. You're a wonderful one.................Marvin Gaye

3. And I love you so..........................Perry Como

4. Mambo UK....................................Cubanismo!

5. Super bad, super slick.....................James Brown

6. Secret agent man............................Johnny Rivers

The remaining tracks are from the film score composed by David Newman

7. Betsy chases Kit/The first shot/A short ride/Dave makes a call/Dave   returns camera

8. Cafe set-up/Shooting the cafe/Stealing Renfro's car/Auditioning the butts

9. "Chubby rain"

10.Clothing store/Daisy rescues Kit

11.The observatory

12.Finale/ Fed Ex delivers

This is really an album in two parts, one part features music written for the film by David Newman and the other part is of established icons of the pop world past and present "struttin' their stuff". I enjoyed the former more than the latter, the Bowfinger Band are a bunch of top professionals at work and they are all worthy of mention.

Steve Shaeffer-Drums and Percussion, Lenny Castro-Percussion, Mike long and Jim Cox Keyboards, Dean Parks and George Doering-Guitar, Neal Stubenhaus-Bass Guitar, Dan Higgins-Saxes and Gary Grant-Trumpet.

It is probably a sign of the times that the sound crew was as large as the Band! To my way of thinking this is a mixed blessing, whilst no-one can deny it has delivered a first class product, I would have loved to be in the studio to hear what the band sounded like live! (If you think these are the comments of an old saxophone player, you are probably correct!) The important thing however is that I enjoyed the music in this part of the CD so much, that I would like to see the film.

The first six tracks do however have their highlights, I particularly enjoyed 'Mambo UK', there is some excellent musicianship and arranging on display here. It would be nice to know who was responsible, the sleeve doesn't say. Johnny Adams on track one has a nice jazz feel to his vocals, Margin Aye and Perky Comma in their respective time, are in the "quality" pop business. Super bad, Super slick is James Brown with his own song and an excellent band, well worth a listen. The Johnny Rivers track is worthy of similar comments, but the backing reminds me of France Lain!

All in all a good value CD, I would give it four stars, if only for the film score, but I am sure many would disagree and award the stars for the vocals.


Don Mather


Don Mather

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