November 1999 Film Music CD Reviews

Film Music Editor: Ian Lace
Music Webmaster Len Mullenger

Edmond CHOI The Castle   OST Composed and conducted by the composer.  PROMOTIONAL CD EC02 [30:30]

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Following a strong debut like "Wide Awake," "The Castle" is a trifle disappointing. A comparison between very diversified scores is unfair, that is true, but the over-simplicity, the predictability, of Choi's first score remains with him regardless.

However, a more serious, additional problem emanates here that cheapens the album. Despite individual tracks being conventional, the score as a whole goes to the opposite. The use of pre-existing music as a guide is obvious. It suffers from filmmusical schizophrenia! The liner notes by Film Score Monthly scribe Mark Leneker state that Edmund Choi had to reinvent the spotting cues, and Choi confirms that he tried to make the music his own. Unluckily, only the last seven or so tracks (not counting the 'synthesizer demo' curiosities tacked onto the end) do a confident job demonstrating the skill behind the task. I had a troublesome time getting 'into' the soundtrack because of this.

Okay, it does have some phenomenal qualities. The track 'Losing,' with its earnest piano solo and thoughtful chords, is where the magic begins, where the album ventures above the typical program of cinema music. Another reward is the main theme -- beautiful, with what sounds to be Edmund Choi's trademark of a broad melody line (which receives several consummate variations). The composer also clearly enjoys composing for motion pictures, and that feeling is something one should always hear in a film score.


Jeffrey Wheeler

Ian Lace adds:-

This is another of those soundtracks that sounds as if it is a compilation of many others - there is a sameness here too much of a feeling of we have heard it all before. [Too many times this year have I been disappointed with new scores that seemed to have been ‘written by numbers.’] To be fair to Mr Choi, The Castle score is nicely crafted and splendidly played. I would echo Jeffrey Wheeler’s sentiments in his review of Wide Awake this month - Mr Choi shows definite promise and, if he will excuse my patronising tone, he is still young, still learning his craft; but when he finds his mature individual voice, we might hear some exceptional work.

In his notes, Mark Leneker suggests this score is reminiscent of Vaughan Williams’s music. I have to confess I could hear no such similarity. I think Mr Leneker might have been thinking of the homely, cosy county-dance type music which opens the album but personally, I would associate this with the other side of the Atlantic. The score is quite eclectic and includes diverse Pop, rock and country styles as well as more weighty authoritarian material for ‘High Court.’ With its snare drummings it suggests scant justice! One of the highlights is ‘Losing’ and ‘Packing Up.’ Starting with attractive solo piano and guitar meanderings the textures thicken to include strings and the music broadens out into a nice romantic melody.

Lets hope that this and Wide Awake are stepping stones to bigger things


Ian Lace

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Jeffrey Wheeler

Ian Lace

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