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Angelo BADALAMENTI Arlington Road (with additional music by Tomanandy) OSTs  Milan 74321 65152-2 [67:54]




WARNING - it may seem like this album will never end ! Let me be upfront and say that I had a lot of problems with this score in the movie. Several times it actively worked against the picture. The reason for this is actually rather shocking. I have recently learned that studios are now so into the idea of the youth market that if they think a score might not appeal, they’ll employ a popular DJ to work on top of the score with samples and rhythms. Arlington Road bears the frightening credit: "Additional Music by Tomandandy, using the Evolution System".

Milan’s typically sparse packaging gives no indication where they end and Badalmenti begins. It is rather easy to make educated guesses however. All the orchestral and vaguely melodic work will be the composers and that constant crashing, drowning cacophony all around it must be the techno boys’ work.

I have no intention of pointing out cues since any microscopic moments of interest last all-too briefly to be of any significance (OK - so the last 2 cues are reasonable). I suspect there was once a well-thought out score up against the film - Badalamenti usually delivers something of worth.

Now I’ll be lambasted by someone who writes to tell me this was actually a well-crafted collaboration between them!


Paul Tonks

Ian Lace adds:-

I entirely agree – need I say more.

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Paul Tonks

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