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Collection: Amazing Stories   John WILLIAMS Amazing Stories - main title and end title (1985-1987), The Mission, Georges DELERUE Dorothy and Ben Royal Scottish National Orchestra/Joel McNeely (Williams); John Debney (Delerue)  VARESE SARABANDE VSD 5941





Two grand names from the world of film music lavishing their artistry on a TV series! Well, that would not be the first time. In this case however the results confounded my prejudices. I was expecting forgettable 'conveyor belt' stuff. In practice, although the Delerue tracks (12-17) are pretty inconsequential in a winsome 'Deerhunter' way, the Williams tracks are strong bread and vintage wine. The Jinxed One (3) has fluttering flutes almost tangibly conveying the sensation of feathers floating down a dark chasm. Listen to the golden glories of the horn section in The Parachute (6). Perhaps the inspiration falters in the Elgarian farewells of Goodbyes (9) but The Landing is something very special with its Sibelian woodwind writing flowing into the sheerest gauzy spiderweb enchantment. Williams writes with luminescent feeling in his pen. Glorious!

The Williams' main and endtitles are also good with the latter swooping through sunlit dappled carefree meadows and optimistic dazzling uplands.

Good notes by Robert Townson and a complete Season 1 and 2 episode guide listing titles, original broadcast dates and composers.

Classic stuff … and too easily overlooked!


Rob Barnett


Rob Barnett

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