December 1999 Film Music CD Reviews

Film Music Editor: Ian Lace
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Christopher TYNG
Kazam Music from the film performed by the London Symphony Orchestra   SUPER TRACKS STCD-877 [35:42]

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The talented young Christopher Tyng is a protegé of Basil Poledouris and already at only 27, he is carving quite a name for himself with over 20 motion pictures and TV scores to his credit. Kazam can only boost the quality of his portfolio.

Kazam is a fantasy film about a skeptical city kid who accidentally frees a genie while fleeing from a gang of bullies. As usual, this genie has the power to grant wishes.

Tyng's score is wild and whacky and embraces juast about every conceivable musical genre. As expected there is a prominence of material suggestive of the mysterious Orient with lots of drummings, prayer-like wailings and middle eastern exotic instrumentation, plus a smattering of the little bells/magic dust stuff all done to a rather novel turn by Tyng. The wildness reaches its peak in 'Never Challenge A Genie' where Tyng allows his music to erupt like fireworks sprouting, speading colour and explosions in every direction. In 'Maljk's Way' Tyg impresses with his layered writing for a variety of drums to build a potent atmosphere and in 'Tape Theft' he creates something of a Tom and Jerry chase flavour with some quite weird effects. Quieter moments are found in tracks like the romantic 'Max and Alice' and the relatively serene 'DiJinn explained' which has an Irish/Celtic tinge (well Kazam is played by an actor called Shaouille O'Neal!) Added to all this is are jazz/rock/rap based tracks.

A rich, appealing mix with its tongue firmly in its cheek.


Ian Lace


Ian Lace

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