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Compilation: Film Theme Classics  
Music composed by Various Artists
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis
  Available on Regis (RRC 1228)
Running Time: 78:38

Content as below:

Frequently here at Film Music on the Web we are asked the name and availability of recordings of source music used in films. Often we can comply and are delighted to do so but just as frequently we are unable to Ė in which case we always recommend that the enquirer watch for the end credits of the film and wait until the source music is listed, usually right at the very end of the listings.

This compilation includes many favourite film themes and unusually for such collections original film themes as well as source music (i.e. classical music by classical music composers usually chosen by the filmís director and/or producer).

Thus we have Richard Straussís Also Sprach Zarathustra used by Stanley Kubrick in his 2001 : A Space Odyssey side by side with Jerome Morossís stunning original music for the epic western, The Big Country.

The performances conducted on this recording by film enthusiast Carl Davis, are all very good and the sound is very clear and bright (maybe too bright for some ears). The recording was made in the CTS Studios in Wembley, England the venue for recording many film music soundtracks.

An ideal compilation for those new to film music

Ian Lace


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