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Stealing Time  
Music by: Joey Newman
  Available On: La-La Land Records LLLCD 1018
Running Time: 43:34
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stealing time

Joey Newman is a grandson of Lionel Newman, who was the younger brother of the great Alfred Newman, and he is cousin of the Newmans, Randy, David and Thomas. Joey Newman, according to the album blurb, is 25 years old and by the evidence of this derivative music has yet to develop his own individual voice. He seems to have had a good classical training and is a practising musician so it will be interesting to watch his development.

Much of the material here we have heard before: jungle bongos, bouncy guitar chords, screaming, fluttering, slithery synths, meandering pianos etc. Yet there is a welcome sense of humour too, notably in the parody of western styles in 'Bank Stakeout' and in the same general style, the lazy slouching, laconic 'Research', and, generally, in the somewhat funky jazz approach..

The slower more tender, romantic material is interesting when it rises above the usual piano introspection and long held string chords and nearly defines a melody.

Alternative main titles music is included as a bonus (thankfully not used) plus three other bonus cues of variable merit.

A mix of the thriller/romantic music which is derivative but with a pinch of originality, Stealing Time has just enough to make one want to watch how the latest arrival in the Newman clan shapes up over future projects.

Ian Lace

**(*) 2 1/2

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