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Scary Movie 3  Various songs
Score composed by James L. Venable
  Orchestrated and conducted by Dell Hake Performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony
  Available on Varèse Sarabande VSD-6533
Songs: 36.03
Skits: 2.25
Score: 9.54
Total running time: 45.57

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scary movie 3

This is a most unusual release for Varèse Sarabande, but if putting out a disc which is essentially a commercial rap compilation helps fill the coffers to enable more pure score releases then the best reviewing policy may be "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I'll just note there are 10 rap tracks, mostly written by Frank Fitzpatrick in combination with various others.

The remainder of the album falls into two parts. First, in-between the rap numbers are four short skits (total time 145 seconds) performed by Kevin Hart with music by composer James L. Venable and which presumably come direct from the film soundtrack, sound effects, score and all. Kevin Hart keeps telling us, "This ain't funny." He ain't wrong.

Finally, tucked away at the end of the album, is a two part, almost ten minute suite from James L. Venable's score. This is well crafted if standard issue spoof blockbuster science fiction/horror music, which is to say it could easily fit into many a modern blockbuster science fiction/horror film. It may not have much a personality of its own, but that's the point. Parody is the name of the game and this does the job perfectly, from introspective piano melody to military might to creepy suspense to all out action writing and Herrmanesque turmoil.

Gary Dalkin

*(*) 1 1/2

Track Listing

  1. PAST YOUR BEDTIME? (introduction) (0:56) Music by James L. Venable
  2. JUST GOT SERIOUS (3:56) Performed by Buku Wise featuring Young Dre
  3. MEXICAN HAT RAP (3:49) Performed by Delinquent Habits
  4. RIDIN ROLLIN (3:51) Performed by N-Kroud Kliq
  5. NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRLS (interlude) (0:31) Music by James L. Venable
  6. DO YOU WANNA (2:44) Performed by Jug
  7. SMOKE IT UP (3:35) Performed by Kebyar
  8. FEARLESS (2:47) Performed by Dame Lee
  9. CINDY DISCOVERS (interlude) (0:45)Music by James L. Venable
  10. WHO U LOOKIN' AT (3:20) Performed by Gage
  11. ROCK ROCK, BOUNCE BOUNCE** (2:35) Performed by Dame Lee, Featuring Jug
  12. WHITE BOY (4:14) Performed by Simon Rex, featuring Kevin Hart & the Scary Movie Crew
  13. ALIENS ARRIVE (interlude) (0:13) Music by James L. Venable
  14. MAYHEM REMIX (2:42) Performed by Jug, Featuring Roz & G-Man
  15. SCARY MOVIE SUITE Part I (Original Score) (4:52) Written by James L. Venable
  16. SCARY MOVIE SUITE Part II (5:02) Written by James L. Venable

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