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Bulletproof Monk  
Music composed by Eric Serra
  Available on Colosseum Records (CST 8093.2)  
Running Time: 59:45
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bulletproof monk

On the strength of this release Eric Serra is unlikely to ever figure among the composers whom I admire. There is a great deal of obvious sounding Westernised Oriental stock material with pedestrian melodies and this is highlighted by derivative cues like the opening track, ‘Kung’, which very much sets the tone for what comes thereafter, along with would-be emotional pieces such as ‘End of Destiny’ which is simply bland. The action cues (‘Bloody Tourist’, ‘Darklub’ etc.) remain eminently resistible and there are a great number of banal suspense pieces to pad out the excessive thirty-five tracks featured on the CD. Sadly there is just nothing to recommend here unless you are a die-hard Serra fan or someone who particularly admires modernistic claptrap entirely lacking in charm or melodic invention.

A by-the-numbers exercise in predictability.

Mark Hockley

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