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Enter The Matrix  
Original videogame soundtrack composed, orchestrated and conducted by Erik Lundborg Original Matrix themes by Don Davis
  Performed by the Symphony Seattle
  Not licensed for sale - promo only  
Running time: 46.48

enter the matrix

Had you ever asked the hypothetical question, what might a Matrix OST sound like minus the excursions into techno, well here is the answer. This album is the soundtrack to the videogame Enter The Matrix, the storyline of which runs parallel to that of the film The Matrix Reloaded. The disc is divided into five sections: Action/Fighting, Suspense, Impending Danger, Asian Wind and Cineractives. The music is firmly based around the themes and sounds of Don Davis orchestral scores for The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded and sounds instantly familiar. However, itís a shame that thus far this is a promo only release unlikely to reach much of any sort of audience beyond the inevitable bootleg (which is sure to leak out someway or another), as for those film music fans with an aversion to techno this is a more enjoyable experience than either of the three commercially issued Matrix albums.

Enter The Matrix is big, bold, dramatic and highly adventuresome, the main drawback being that with 25 tracks in 46 minutes there are no really extended set-pieces. But then given the rather unstructured 17 minute epic suite on The Matrix Reloaded OST, perhaps that is actually a good thing. Enter The Matrix sounds exactly as you would imagine if you are familiar with Davis' scores, and actually makes a perfect compliment to the best parts of the second disc in the Reloaded set. Now just hope this is given a legitimate release, or maybe even incorporated in some way into The Matrix Revolutions triple album.

Gary Dalkin

**** 4

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