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One Hour Photo  
Music composed by Reinhold Heil & Johnny Kilmek
  Available on Colosseum/Superb Records (CST 8088.2)  
Running Time: 65:13
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one hour photo

An atmospheric, insidious score that generates a fair amount of unease and tension.

Although the ‘Main Titles’ offers little but sound and noise, a rather attractive keyboard theme emerges in ‘Birthday Party’ , although it is relatively brief and concludes before it has an opportunity to make a truly lasting impression. Following this, ‘Agfa Montage’ builds slowly with subtle rhythmic patterns and an effectively portentous sense of misgiving. This air of disquiet continues through the low key, introspective ‘Diner’ and the piano theme heard here is further developed on ‘Wall of Photos’, featuring some nice percussion supporting forbidding chords.

More often than not though we are left with less engaging synth. based suspense cues that hold minimal interest in musical terms. Tracks like ‘Good Thoughts’, ‘Hamster’ and ‘Silver Recovery’ fall into this standard background music category. Later in the score there are some more lengthy pieces such as ‘Sy On the Move/The Assault’, which at over nine minutes rather outstays its welcome.

A mood piece, unsettling and sometimes compelling, but a score which will work far better combined with its images than as a stand alone piece. Even so, it has its moments and will probably satisfy those who share my own darker sensibilities.

Mark Hockley

*** 3

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