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Managing Editor: Ian Lace
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Here Come the Classics Volume 6  
Track list:

  • Mission Impossible (Schifrin)
  • Gladiator (Zimmer)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Williams)
  • The Lord of The Rings ( Shore) Shakespeare in Love suite (Warbeck)
  • Batman (Elfman)
  • Out of Africa ( Barry)
  • Licence to Kill (Barry)
  • The Bodyguard - l Will Always Love You (Parton)
  • The Thomas Crown Affair - Windmills of Your Mind (Legrand)
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Kamen)
  • Schindler's List (Williams)
  • Titanic (Horner)
  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Nick Ingman
Running Time: 67:56
This CD can be bought direct from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, price £10 plus p&p from:

Here Come the Classics Volume 6

Starting on a cracking rendition of the Mission: Impossible Theme, this is a collection of film score giants performed by the RPO. Many are firsts for the orchestra, with an impressive Lord of the Rings being the newest of the bunch. Other recent hits (Gladiator, Harry Potter, Titanic, Shakespeare in Love) are mixed with some reaching back a few years (Schindlerís List, The Bodyguard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Batman, Out of Africa). The effect of which is a playlist centred around a couple of decades of the biggest award-winners and popular titles.

This disc is in a series privately produced by the Orchestra; the only one concentrating on film music. In many ways this is like a very well produced concert recording. In fact itís more like a rehearsal for concerts yet to come Ė which is actually the case at the time of writing. As with any re-recording, die-hard fans of any popular item will flinch at the slightest difference in performance. But these are as solid as any collected together in a commercial film music collection.

Paul Tonks

**** 4

Gary Dalkin adds:
This is not a collection for the serious film music buff, being more a modern day incarnation of the sort of Great Themes albums Geoff Love used to release very successfully in the 1970's on the Music for Pleasure label. A range of albums through which many found their first taste of film music. Likewise this album will make a good introduction to many popular themes for those just starting out with an interest in film music, and there is one genuine highlight; here is quite the best suite from Stephen Warbeck's Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love that I have yet heard. As, despite the Oscar, one of the most undervalued scores in recent years the album is worth hearing just for these glorious ten minutes.

Gary Dalkin

*** 3

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