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Managing Editor: Ian Lace
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  Various remixed versions of classic French film themes and songs from Pierrot le Fou, Sans mobile apparent, L'homme orchestre, Dernier Domicile Connu, La Mer est Grande, Trafic, Compartiment tueurs, La Horse, Fantômas, Le Cercle Rouge
  Universal France Jazz 067-020-2  
Running time: 74.24


  • 01. Ferdinand - Sporto Kantes
  • 02. Sans mobile apparent (The Bright Star remix) - Readymade FC
  • 03. L'homme orchestre - Troublemakers
  • 04. Les poupons (Golden Keyboards remix) - Rubin Steiner
  • 05. Dernier domicile connu la mer...(Jean Luc Guitar remix) - Gonzales & Taylor Savvy
  • 06. Piti piti pas - Luke Vibert
  • 07. Trafic (Tout de suite remix) - Mocky
  • 08. Compartiment tueurs - DJ Patife
  • 09. Trafic (Tu entends ce que je pense?) - Zzouf
  • 10. La horse - Sofa Surfers
  • 11. La horse (Howie B remix) - Howie B
  • 12. Fantomas (Darkfarmer Chopped it remix) - Swayzak
  • 13. La mer est grande - Carl Craig
  • 14. Le cercle rouge (Circle Rouge remix) - Christian Morgenstern feat. Gesa
  • 15. Dernier domicile connu - Twitch
  • 16. Dernier domicile connu - Nicolas Repac
  • 17. Sans mobile apparrent (No GSM remix) - Benjamin Diamond vs Octet
  • 18. Dernier domicile connu - Alif Tree

Let's not waste time on rubbish. I do not accept, artistically or philosophically, the legitimacy of "sampling" other people's work, nor that or "remixing". If as Tony Banks of Genesis once said (see how uncool I am, I used to read interviews with members of Genesis), "sampling is theft", remixing is vandalism.

This French album is spun off from a series launched in 2000 to reissue classic French film scores. According to the liner notes, after re-recording (rather than reissuing) Michel Magne's score for Fantômas the instigators realised the "theme is obviously going to tempt remixers… what if we anticipated their move by introducing a remix from the outset, as a bonus when we release the album?" Adding, "…that gave us the desire to go further in exploring this terrain: why not broaden the experience and do a whole album?"

Well how about because electronic remixes are an anti-musical abomination? An insult to the original works and one more example of the degeneration of popular culture?

Anyway, here you have it, and you're welcome to it. The worst album by a very long way to cross my desk at Musicweb. Not only is the idea that the music needs modernising to appeal to contemporary listeners offensive, but the whole is executed with no taste or coherence, tracks from a wide range of films simply being electronically scribbled upon by various "DJs" and "remixers". Much of the result is a pounding cacophony of digital beats and hideous electronic sounds which I found virtually impossible to listen to, while the more relaxed tracks are just pointless and irritating.

A truly appalling release, which is all the worse for coming from people who claim to love film music. With friends like these…

Gary Dalkin

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