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The Mothman Prophecies  
  LAKESHORE RECORDS 2 CD SET   [45:26] and [59:21]

Mothman Prophesies

A rather extravagant double CD release to accompany this Richard Gere starring sci-fi mystery that to be truthful just doesn't really warrant the effort.

Supporting the allegedly true story of the bizarre and ominous 'Mothman' sightings in the small community of Point Pleasant, USA, disc one features original ambient/ alternative tracks that are passable without being particularly interesting, while a second disc with the score itself by tomandandy (Tom Hadju and Andy Milburn) is in the same vein, although admittedly with a little more appeal and invention.

Relatively low-key and atmospheric, rarely does the music rise up and really grab your attention, but even so there will be those who will find its mellow, chilled out ambience attractive or value its icy detachment and creepy overtones. Personally, despite the score's relative effectiveness in the movie itself, it struggles as a stand alone musical experience and I was left with a sense of 'take it or leave it'.

Not by any means poor but hardly compelling.

Mark Hockley


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