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Shrek: Music from the Film  
  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD6308   [44:28]

The Video:

starring Mike Myers (the voice of Shrek) Cameron Diaz (the voice of the Princess) and Eddie Murphy (the voice of Donkey)
  Dreamworks Home Video 49031234   [89 minutes]

Shrek: cd Shrek: the video

Shrek is a delightful score – heroic, funny and tenderly romantic - to go with a much-loved animated feature that has entranced adults and children alike. The screenplay turns the whole concept of the fairy-tale upside down with an ogre as a hero and a beautiful, feisty Princess who turns into (well you must see the film to find that out), plus a wickedly funny ‘know-all’ donkey and an amorous dragon, not to mention a pint-sized villain reminiscent of Richard II and countless fairy-tale characters, out-of-character.

I leave the main review of both the CD and the recently-released video of the film to sixteen year-old Bianca Clark, but suffice it to say that the score embraces a wide variety of musical styles and includes many pastiches (e.g.of the style Eric Coates’s Dam Busters March in ‘Tournament Speech’). The whole is knit together with warmth and humour. I have to admit to liking some of the songs too: the rather Munchkins way of ‘Welcome to Duloc’ the twee sweetness of the main theme in the form of the Princess’s Fiona’s duet with the bluebird and the outrageously camp and funny ‘Merry Men’.

Ian Lace


Bianca Clark says: -
Of the CD:
I listened to the CD three or four times: once before watching the film to see if I could gain any images from the music. I succeeded, and although I don’t normally find classical/orchestral music very appealing, I found this music very beautiful to listen to and funny in some parts.

Bianca Clark


Of the Film/video:
Well what can I say! I have only watched this video once and I already know almost the whole script! You only need to watch it once to realise the full enchantment of such a fairytale adventure.

I thought the animation was fantastic. I have never watched a film that has been so clear and real. I’m sure children everywhere will really think that they are there with Shrek and his friends! Even close-up, Princess Fiona and the dragon look so real. The scenery throughout the film is also very clear. I thought it was clever, on Donkey and Shrek’s walk through the forest, when real shadows were formed, by the trees and characters.

The characters have to be the best part of this animation. Each one had its own unique personality, from the dragon to the gingerbread man!!! My favourite character had to be the donkey! Eddie Murphy’s voice for him was well chosen. Everything the donkey said seemed to make me laugh, ‘No-one likes a kiss-arse!’

The dragon’s character was also very clever and made the whole film more humorous for small children, who may have been a little frightened at first! Her relationship with Donkey was probably the funniest part.

The story is very original and the fairytale characters play a good part in keeping the children’s attention. The story line is easy to follow for small children. Shrek is a magical film that is sure to have children everywhere dreaming about this wonderful adventure.

Bianca Clark


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