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Film Music Editor: Ian Lace
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Millenium Mambo  
  MILAN 74321 90508 2   [54:53]

Millennium Mambo

A weird synth mix of door bell-like chimes, washboards, bubbling and squeaks etc etc makes up this extraordinary album and incomprehensible vocals. There are also effects of what hi-fi aficionados would call wow and flutter and white noise. Some sounds are vaguely oriental in keeping with the booklet illustrations. ‘A moth flies into the fire' with its weird synth sounds could be called sickeningly evocative – it certainly sounds singed but more like a bad day on the dodgems. It is not until we reach track 6 (out of 10) ‘Why does My Heart Feel So Sad?’ that we approach anything like the mambo style of the title but this is soon all but drowned by the usual crass heavy monotonous rock beat we hear too often blaring from passing cars. This dull monotony continues through the next cue and things go from bad to worse from then on with just a little relief now and then in parts of ‘Be encouraged’ and the relatively serene opening of ‘Lighting Road’. Definitely not for the usual Film Music on the Web audience. Pass it onto younger members of the family and keep out of earshot of their car music systems

Ian Lace

(*) and three paracetamols

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