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Damien, Omen II the Deluxe edition  
  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6309   [68:10]

Damien: Omen II

It’s been a curious order of release from Varese, but now the full Omen trilogy is available to marvel at Goldsmith’s achievement. This middle installment has more to do with the original Oscar-winner than Final Conflict. Here the "Ave Satani" chant is dressed up to be Damien’s own motif. It works extremely well in the film, and holds the album together nicely. The other major motif of the score belongs to the crow that acts as eyes and ears to evil.

The most memorable sequence of the film is the ice hockey game, and that transaltes to being the standout cue here. "Broken Ice" features all the best elements of the score, specifically the new depths Goldsmith discovered at which to discomfort you with choral effect. Other cues to make you squirm will be "I Love You, Mark" with what seems like a belching sound coaxed from the male choristers, sinister whispers in "Shafted" and "Aunt Marion’s Visitor" with its burbling throaty noises.

This release is doubly important in the trilogy’s representation since you’re treated to two versions of the score. "The Album" placed first is a re-recording that was issued in 1976. "The Film Soundtrack" is the actual session tracks and therefore features much more material.

Paul Tonks


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