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Curio Corner

The Lord of the Rings   (A musical interpretation) Volume 1
  2CDs MOVE MD 3251   [100:17] One [60:47] Disc Two [39:22]

sangster lord of the rings

I can very easily see that the idea of interpreting Lord of the Rings in jazz was thought to be a highly innovative idea. Especially to be released in the middle of the hugely successful movie trilogy. But it's because of the films' existence and admittedly my enjoyment of the Howard Shore scores that I just cannot take this album seriously.

If I were handed this music 'blind', and asked to make an appraisal of it in terms of its musicality, then I'd be recommending it wholeheartedly. That's not possible however, since it is inspired and promoted by the Rings name. As such, it is an incongruity that I cannot get past.

I'm sure I owe fans of one camp or another an apology for this intractability in my opinion, but there it is. Jazz + Tolkien do not gel. I hope fans of both enjoy it nonetheless.

Paul Tonks


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