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The Unfaithful  
  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6356   [44:03]


Rarely do soundtrack albums retain a consistent emotional tone throughout. Unfaithful is a surprise therefore since the entire running time is consistently dour and wan. That doesn't seem like a recommendation, but the sadness is melodic enough to remain interesting.

Piano is the principle voice, often accompanied by a small body of strings. They're the favoured combination for the main theme; a melancholy piece that lingers in the memory. There's not a lot of additional instrumentation, but the little that there is makes its presence felt. There's cymbalion (altering the tone a little in "The Globe"), accordion ("The Visit"), but most of all there's some interesting vocal effects from Jorane and Sussan Deyhim.

This is for a Richard Gere movie, which lately has meant a low profile and little in box office returns. It'd be a shame for this to go completely unnoticed. So I recommend it as proof positive that film music can sustain a mood, and as an alternate tonic to those tired of Hollywood bluster and bombast.

Paul Tonks


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