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Compilation: Paul MISRAKI
Nous Irons à Paris; Mademoiselle s'amuse; Battement de couer  
  TRAVELLING NAÏVE K1606   [47:08]


Original music and dialogue from three French productions produced between 1939 and 1950.

A real oddity this, because for all the world it's as though someone has simply taped the music and dialogue from a TV set and then released it on CD. That's the kind of sound quality we're talking about. As for the calibre of the work itself, it's very much what you might expect from the era and rates as adequate rather than memorable.

I have to presume that there is a market for a compilation from this composer but I find it difficult to imagine that too many fans of modern film music will appreciate it. For nostalgia buffs this could provide some fun if they can tolerate the ragged sound quality, but for the rest of us I think there will be quite a number of bemused faces and certainly a good deal of intolerance towards the lengthy French dialogues segments!

Mark Hockley


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