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Jason X  
  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6355   [69:14]


Another instalment in the long running Friday the Thirteenth series (this time set in space!) with regular composer Manfredini returning to create some more thrill and chill background music.

It might have been interesting to hear what a different composer could do with a 'Jason' movie, as Manfredini has now notched up eight previous entries (only missing out on the scoring duties on part VIII), but considering the nature of the films themselves I expect that familiarity and convention had a lot to do with the producers decision to stick with the tried and tested. And with this in mind, despite the futuristic sci-fi setting, the music is still a wholly predictable affair. Even so, it has to be said that in comparison with previous efforts this score is a definite improvement, with a little more variation and a more melodic sensibility than usual. And at close to seventy minutes there is certainly plenty of music on offer, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your attitude. Overall a proficient, slightly above average (for this series) horror score that may well please 'Jason' fans but ranks as very middling for the rest of us.

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