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Jerry GOLDSMITH Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies and Room 222 Film Score Monthly Vol 4 No. 8 [71:38]
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Anyone who's ever seen Goldsmith in concert will be passingly familiar with his Room 222 "Theme", but it's a pleasant change to hear it in it's stripped down original version opening this album. There follows another 10 minutes of variations before Ace Eli begins. Then you realise why the FSM team have paired these 2 scores together, because it's own theme is decidedly of the same vein. It's light, features lots of parping trumpet, and frankly surprises with a Country element hitherto unknown in Goldsmith's range.

Unfortunately the whole experience feels overly long, not helped by an abundance of Bonus Material (20 minutes) of variable interest. Being Goldsmith , there are naturally moments of intrigue along the way. There's lots of chucka-chucka banjo go-lightliness such as in "Thrill a Minute", and some odd whistle effects such as in "First Flight". Being Goldsmith of the Sixties and Seventies, there's also a fine display of melody. The problem is that it's not especially memorable. Which is what anyone who's heard Goldsmith in concert would say about the Room 222 "Theme"!

Paul Tonks

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