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Ghosts of Mars  
  VAÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6286   [42:54]

Ghosts of mars

Carpenterís music has followed a consistent trend all through his films. Itís brash, loud and in many ways quite repetitive. If you are well aware of that, donít mind, and can imagine what the application of techno and heavy metal into that mix will result in Ė then this disc will be for you!

Featuring the guitar work of Steve Vai, Buckethead, Elliot Easton and the players of Anthrax, this is a thrashing metal noise you donít hear much of these days. While there are lots of interesting effects by mixing in techo drum loops, thereís certainly nothing youíll walk away humming. With cue names like "Love Siege", "Slashing Void", "Kick Ass" and "Dismemberment Blues" youíll get the idea this isnít a score concerned with melody.

Paul Tonks


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