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June 2001Film Music CD Reviews

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Don't Make Waves  
  CHAPTER III CH 1002-2   [61:21]

A brace of swinging sixties screwball comedy scores.

Both soundtracks feature a title pop song; 'Don't Make Waves' performed by The Byrds is a barely average sixties tune (composed by Jim McGuinn & Chris Hillman) and 'Penelope', as performed by The Pennypipers, has the advantage of coming from the pen of the estimable John Williams and rates rather better. And this division in quality is carried right through both scores, with Mizzy's work entirely generic while at least Williams infuses a little zest into his music. For example, where Mizzy's 'Daybreak at Malibu' is very typical sixties pop background music, Williams' 'Poolside' sounds much fresher and at times has an early James Bond feel to the orchestration which is quite engaging. Other Mizzy pieces, 'Confidence Man' for instance, are merely froth and his 'Love Theme from "Don't Make Waves"' is quite simply dull. At every turn Williams has the edge; "Penny's Arcade' is catchy pop and 'Penelope (Love Theme)' is a clever romantic interpretation of the title song, dominated by lilting violin. Even so, despite the superiority of the Penelope score, I still have some reservations over its ultimate value. Is it just me (very probably) but does this kind of light fluff, verging on the vacuous sixties pop score really appeal to anyone? Purely in terms of a listening experience? Really? From a nostalgic point of view I can understand fans of the era getting something out of it, but the truth is, once you've heard one of these late 60s romantic comedy scores, you've pretty much heard them all.

Mark Hockley


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