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EDITOR: Ian Lace
Reviewers: Ian Lace,
Paul Tonks,Gary Dalkin, Richard Adams, Jeffrey Wheeler, Didier C Deutsch, Gerald Fenech, Mark Hockley
Los Angeles correspondent:
Anthony E. Anderson
July 2001 CD REVIEWS Founder Len Mullenger

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Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD The Romance of Korngold; *****;


Compilation Max STEINER * Gone With the Wind: The Essential Film Music of Max Steiner; ****(*);****;
Miklós RÓZSA El Cid; *****; packaging **;
Bernard HERRMANN/Alfed NEWMAN The Egyptian; ***** ;
Franz WAXMAN Untamed; ****(*) ;
Maurice JARRE Ryan's Daughter & Grand Prix; ****(*);
Compilation: The Film Music of Jerry GOLDSMITH ; *****;
Varčse Sarabande's Great Film Composers Compilation: George DELERUE; ****(*) ;
John BARRY The Lion in Winter; *****;


Hans ZIMMER Pearl Harbor; ***;
Alan SILVESTRI Richie; **;
Zbigniew PREISNER Weiser; ****;
Compilation Shakespeare at the Movies; ****;
Compilation Music from the films of Michael Caine; ***(*);
Compilation The Film Music of Bronislaw KAPER; ***(*);
Don ELLIS The French Connection/French Connection IIname; ***;
John DEBNEY (Theme by Danny ELFMAN) Heartbreakers; ***;
Marco BELTRAMI Dracula 2000; **;

Curio Corner:

Nino ROTA Cello Concertos Nos 1 & 2; ***;
Compilation: The Songs of Ivor NOVELLO; ****;
Compilation: THE SINGING COWBOYS IN THE MOVIES; [no rating];
Compilation: Movimento MADREDEUS; ***(*);

Book Review:

David Morgan Knowing The Score; **;

DVD Review:

DVD Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; directed by Ang Lee with music by Tan Dun ; [no rating];

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