EDITOR: Ian Lace
Reviewers: Ian Lace,
Paul Tonks,Gary Dalkin, Richard Adams, Jeffrey Wheeler, Didier C Deutsch, Gerald Fenech, Mark Hockley
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Anthony E. Anderson
August 2001 CD REVIEWS Founder Len Mullenger

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John WILLIAMS A.I. Artificial Intelligence; *****;*****; *****


Ennio MORRICONE Canone Inverso - Making Love; ****(*) ;*** ;
Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD and Max STEINER Golden Age of Songs and Instrumentals ; Korngold Songs from: Between Two Worlds; Escape Me Never; Give Us This Night; Devotion ; Deception; Steiner: Songs from: Now, Voyager; A Bill of Divorcement; The Great Lie; Saratoga Trunk; City for Conquest; So Big; They Died With Their Boots On;****;
Jerry GOLDSMITH Rio Lobo; ****(*);


Carter BURWELL A Knight's Tale ; ****;
Compilation: Man of Galilee - The Film Music of Alfred NEWMAN; ***(*);
Don DAVIS * Jurassic Park III ***(*) ;***(*)
Lee HOLDRIDGE The Mists of Avalon; ***(*);
John POWELL Evolution; ***(*) ;
Elliot GOLDENTHAL Final Fantasy; ***(*);
Edesio ALEJANDRO Der Cuba Coup; ***;
Carlo SILOTTO Honolulu Baby; ***;
Jeff DANA Baby; ***;
Zbigniew PREISNER Dekalog
Marco WERBA Il Conte di Melissa; ***;
Michiru OHSHIMA Godzilla vs. Megaguirus; ***;
John DANKWORTH Modesty Blaise **
Original Broadway Cast Recording - The new Mel Brooks musical: The Producers; ;

Miklós RÓZSA The Two String Quartets

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