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Christopher YOUNG The Gift Promotional Album [44:40]

The explanation for Danny Elfman being in the movie but not behind the music is a little sketchy. Having him cameo as a fiddler in a film that's scored with a lot of fiddle is certainly a little strange though. In fact, Young hasn't leant so hard on the fiddle to carry a score since his beautiful work for Haunted Summer. Here it's as important a geographical tool as it is a dreamy emotional one. Stringed instruments predominate all the way through in fact. Once we're into the uneasy atmosphere of the murder and Cate Blanchett's psychic visions, Young piles on the sustained bass string lines and sprinkles strange effects on top at every opportunity. In some places the nightmarish soundscape designed may remind of the outlandish Hell material for Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

It's a very subdued listening experience, and a pleasing departure from the bombast Young's usually been asked to contribute to the horror / thriller genre. Coupled with this year's Bless The Child and Wonder Boys, all signs point toward a composer who's enjoying a period of prolific quality output

Paul Tonks

Promotional Albums offer lesser celebrated film composers the opportunity to bring their work (often of good quality but unsung [if you will forgive the pun]) to the attention of prospective producers who might be interested in contracting them for film scoring assignments. Another market opportunity is for short films, trailers, commercials, and other theatre and TV projects where producers with limited budgets might be interested in buying material "off the shelf." Lastly, film music buffs who have admired the scores but hitherto have never had an opportunity of acquiring the music now have an opportunity of buying scores they have admired. For instance anybody who liked Hummie Mann's music for Mel Brook's farce, Dracula, Dead and Loving It (with Leslie Nielsen) can now buy it from specialist sellers such as

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Specializes in soundtracks, and carries some of those scores you just won't find anywhere else.


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