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Randy EDELMAN The Whole Nine Yards    OST  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6114 [56:51]


1. Jimmy the tulip
2. I don't worry about a thing.
3. A new neighbour
4. Moanin'.
5. Did you say divorce?
6.Tenth avenue tango.
7. The gogolak mansion.
8. Every time I hear that mellow saxophone.
9. Cynthia with a "C".
10. Autumn leaves.
11. Yanni on a string
12. Frankie figs.
13. The gang arrives in Montreal.
14. A swingin' barbecue.
15. Oz gets a surprise.
16. Say I do.
17. I think we'll be fine.
18. Phone tag.
19. Frantic.
20. Sensuous Lady.
21. Scheming on a boat.
22. Taking a stand.
23. Discovering the evidence.
24. The games' afoot.
25. Sophie cons Jimmy.
26. The scientific method.
27. The tulip reprise.
28. They all laughed.

Musical Director and Composer Randy Edelman has done an excellent job here, I found this to be one of the most enjoyable film scores I have listened to. Some of the music pre-dates the film by some years; however the score loses nothing by that and each of them is a gem.

Track 4 Moanin' comes from a Charles Mingus Big Band album "Blues and Roots", first released in April 1987 and recently used on TV in a Tetley's Bitter Advert. As a reminder it's the one where the wet dog clears a path across a crowded beach in order that a guy who throws a stick, can get to the bar. It is interesting that the work of Mingus, which was regarded as "avant garde" in the 70's & 80's was mainstream by the turn of the century. Mingus who was a very creative bass player and composer, arranger and bandleader died in 1979, but he left a legacy of music that changed the face of jazz composition.

Another great contribution is track 2, " I don't worry about a thing", where the late Mose Allison, a bluesy singer, song-writer and pianist, who had a unique style demonstrates his talent to the full. This track comes from an album called "Lessons for Living" released on Electra in 1984.

The Up Top Orchestra is new to me, but " Every time I hear a mellow saxophone" is a very musical performance by a top class band. The Charlie Biddle Trio and vocalist Stephanie Biddle are also new to me, but they are very impressive. Stephanie has that great since of time that only the best of jazz singers ever possess and the trio is the kind of jazz backing group every front line soloist or singer would like to work with (including me!). It was nice to hear "They all laughed again", for anyone who needs a reminder of the quality of song writing George and Ira Gershwin were capable of, here is a the proof.

The Bruce Willis " Tenth Avenue Tango" track features some excellent blues guitar and will appeal to jazz and blues fans equally.

Randy's score for the film is a fine piece of work, beautifully performed by a group of top quality studio musicians, when you listen you can hear how each section was tailor made to fit a particular situation in the plot, this is the work of someone who is on the top of his profession.

To reiterate this is the most enjoyable album of film music I have heard in along time.


Don Mather

Don Mather is a saxophone player and Bandleader in Coventry UK.


Don Mather


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