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Hummie MANN Music for Film OST    Hummie's own Promotional [54:04]

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 This compilation covers 18 of Hummie's scores and demonstrates his great versatility and his melodic gifts. It begins with his lovely music from Language of the Heart that is very classical in style - reminiscent of Mendelssohn with solo violin against tremolo strings; all grace and charm. It ends very differently with a creepy electronic score for Falltime. In between I was especially impressed with his 'The Lady Has Style' a 1940s-style vocal, with moody clarinet, from The Red Coat; and the evocative 'Maggie Goes to Scotland/Hellicopter' from Year of the Comet. The latter commences with a beautiful long-breathed romantic melody before the music segues to more urgently paced material with the unusual colours of pennywhistle and hammered dulcimer against an orchestral backdrop to signify the Scottish locale.

Probably the best known film in the collection is Robin Hood: Men in Tights for which Hummie scored tongue-in-cheek music rather like Die Hard in Sherwood Forest with the odd swipe at Korngold et al. Mann also provided some unusyual and tense music for more dramatic stories. Probably the best of these in this collection is the oddly orchestrated (autoharp, ceramic flute and guitars) Benefit of the Doubt giving a disturbing and unsettled, yet poignant atmosphere for this psychological thriller.

A useful introduction to the talents of Hummie Mann


Ian Lace


Ian Lace

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