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Combined Book and CD Review

The Book: - Saving Grace by Tom McGregor
(based on the screenplay by Craig Ferguson and Mark Crowdy);
Harper Collins Entertainment (paperback)
250pp ISBN0-00-710711-0 £5.99
Amazon UK (£4.79)

The Soundtrack CD: -
and source music
Saving Grace

with dialogue from the film
WEA 8573830952 [53:49]
 Amazon UK  Amazon USA

After years of peace cultivating orchids in the greenhouse of her large country house, middle-aged widow, Grace, learns that her husband has thrown himself out of an aeroplane leaving her without money or house, but with vast debts through ill-advised business ventures. Grace desperate to save the house she loves resorts to illicit use of her 'green fingers' growing cannabis on a vast scale aided by her somewhat dim young gardener Matthew whose expectant girlfriend Nicky is understandably miffed at the idea of her provider ending up in the nick. This farcical situation with half the characters high on cannabis half the time is slow moving until Grace tries to off-load her crop in London where with the help of her husband's former mistress she meets some shady underworld characters who pursue her back to Cornwall. The screwball comedy that ensues is more frenetic than funny and the book's swift throwaway conclusion is something of a dopey (if you will excuse the dreadful pun) copout.

The CD is a curious mix of pop styles with three or four excerpts from the dialogue - for instance when the news breaks of Grace's husband's death from a great height, somebody comments, "Maybe he was looking for the bathroom and picked the wrong door!?!". There is one attractive piece of instrumental music at the beginning of the disc, featuring a solo violin in Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending mode with a muted string background that suggests the serenity of the life that grace was used to before calamity overtook her.

Book and CD

Ian Lace


Book and CD

Ian Lace

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