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Richard GIBBS
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As Richard Gibbs' original work itself is unlikely to inspire too many repeat plays, the emphasis would appear to be more on the songs included here, particularly the currently in vogue Tom Jones' rendition of 'Lean on me'. Unfortunately though I found it all fairly dull with Tom's rather self-indulgent vocal not exactly helping things. But then for fans of the Welsh warbler it will no doubt be a treat!

Gibbs' tracks like 'A Way to Die' reminded me of sub par Tangerine Dream, not exactly poor but hardly compelling, while others were vaguely reminiscent of Thomas Newman's work. Sadly though this composer doesn't quite have the same inventiveness or substance, so perhaps this might best be described as 'Newman lite'.

His more up tempo cues such as 'Ode De Toilet', 'A Dingo Stole my Baby' and 'Fragile Package' are also on the bland side, despite occasional flashes of interest, but his most engaging piece 'Can't Breathe' with its simply constructed dramatic melody and ticking clock effect does provide some brighter moments. This clock device is also heard in several other cues, counting down the 28 days of the title and is a notable feature of the score (and is actually quite effective)

The other major contributor to the CD is singer/songwriter London Wainwright III, who provides several relatively brief folksy ditties like 'The Drinking Song' and 'White Winos' which are pleasant enough in an undemanding way, without making much of an impact.

To supplement the Tom Jones number, 'Joy to the World' performed by Three Dog Night and 'Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)' by Otis Redding are the obligatory standards that seem to always feature in these kind of soundtracks. Hardly a reason to buy the CD though.

Certainly not the worst of its kind, but nothing to get excited about.


Mark Hockley


Mark Hockley

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