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Alf CLAUSEN The Simpsons Original TV series recordings compilation   RHINO R2 75480 [59:44]

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This CD is a compilation of music from various episodes of the famous TV-series The Simpsons. It is less composed than adapted (although this fact is never mentioned in the package) by Alf Clausen who apart from the mail title (composed by Danny Elfman) has created music for the series since 1990.

The Simpsons is a parody of everyday life, as well as of many movies, musicals etc. For that reason, a lot of well-known themes and songs, such as songs from Evita, The Sound of Music, Marry Poppins, and The Flinstones -- just to name a few, appear in the compilation, albeit with different lyrics. A lot of musical styles are interlaced in the score, too, from country/western music to cabaret music. The music is often quite funny, and the overall comic feel is enhanced by hilarious dialogue from the series. Understandably, the compilation lacks any coherence since it constantly leaps from one style and theme to another, intermixing dialogue and songs.

Hardcore fans of the series will appreciate this compilation. Others may or may not put up with the quite annoying voices, that are extremely funny when combined with the visuals, but of questionable entertainment value detached. The music just doesn't seem complete enough without the accompanying cartoon; it’s OK for a couple of listenings,

but it will not hold your attention for very long.


Kostas Anagnostou.


Kostas Anagnostou.

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