January 2000 Film Music CD Reviews

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Wynton MARSALIS Reeltime Big Band conducted by Wynton Marsalis   SONY SK51239 [60:03]

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Wynton Marsalis’ epic series ‘Swinging into the 21st’ continues with another jazz disc.

This is where he is really at home as we must confess that his string quartets were absolute turkeys, to put it mildly! Here we have twenty-one virtuoso tracks all using various established names in the jazz scene coming together under the Marsalis bandwagon and the feel of pure jazz class amongst these talented musicians is quite disarming. This is also strictly American territory here with the sweet sounds of ‘Sing On’ Rosewood and the homely Porch Whiskey getting us into that traditional Creole spirit. You cannot fail to stare mouth opened when listening to the tricks Marsalis’ plays with his hallowed trumpet and the accompanying musicians are a dab hand especially in the sweet and sexy ‘I Heard a Knockin’. I enjoyed the big band items best, the suggestive ‘Fire in the Night’ is really quite special. I could go on singling out the diamonds in the pack but Reeltime could save the 21st century face, its big time jazz nonetheless. Enjoy!


Gerald Fenech


Gerald Fenech

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