January 2000 Film Music CD Reviews

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Lalo SCHIFRIN Mannix OST ALEPH RECORDS 014 [56:31]

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Mannix was a long running TV series (1967-1975) revolving around the life and adventures of a PI named, er, Mannix.

Mannix theme is typical of 60's music and quite similar to many other TV themes of that time like Bewitched, The Jetsons etc.and quite memorable. It has a distinct jazzy flavour and driving beat. Many tracks utilise similar orchestrations, brass, bass, percussion some strings and, occasionally, piano and synths, so that most of the tracks feel and sound the same. Some tracks stand out though, like "SAO PAOLO AFTER DARK", with its delicious Latin flavour; and, especially, "WARNING: LIVE BLUEBERRIES", a very sensitive piece of music, introduced by wind and guitars, with the later addition of orchestra, both demonstrating Schifrin’s lyrical abilities beyond any doubt. These tracks elevate the whole score and are pure delight. Also, an attempt to build a sense of suspense is made in "CURTAINS FOR A MURDER", although it is somehow spoiled by the jazzy mood. The CD also contains a quite awful, longer version of the Mannix theme, and a techno mix of the theme as a bonus track which sounds completely out-of-place.

The whole score is typical of its era, sounding quite cheesy and outdated but it certainly has its moments. Apart from them, the score is a mellow, laid-back rendition of the 60's music which is enjoyable if you appreciate this kind of music. Others may find it boring. It will certainly appeal to the 60's generation, and fans of the TV series.


Kostas Anagnostou


Kostas Anagnostou

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