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Ninfa Plebea  
  CAM 4932932   [43:09]
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The film, Ninfa Plebea is set in a poor village in the south of Italy during the Second World War. A young girl named Miluzza impulsively leads a romantic life without distinguishing between good and bad. One day a young soldier, on his way back home passes through the village and transforming into a prince charming, marries Miluzza and miraculously brings back her virginity.

Morricone responds to this screenplay with a charming melodious score that is both genial and affecting. The music is an affectionate, often nostalgic portrait of the warm-hearted Miluzza and the small town community and the surrounding countryside, hot and hazy. Catchy folk dance material is contrasted with darker material suggesting war is not too distant. Cosy but a tad repetitive.

Ian Lace



Ian Lace


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