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  VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD-6080   [32:05]

Here's another enchanting, melodic score from Basil Poledouris. Kimberley has a nautical storyline so Poledouris, with scores for The Blue Lagoon, Wind, and Big Wednesday behind him, was the natural choice.

Kimberley (Gabrielle Anwar) is beautiful, smart funny, single and a great rower; and she has a baby. The story touches on her friendship with four young professional men who are also all rowers.

The Main Title opens with a hint of glittering, breeze-swept waters and a boat's prow urgently cutting a path. Also implied are competitive heroics contrasted with a funny, slightly vulnerable femininity. But above all there is an infectious sense of fun and high spirits spilling over into 'Wake Up' which, after some jazz-based material, could almost have underscored some slapstick silent comedy. 'Dating and Training' is a dreamy and romantic cue lifted by some delicious orchestrations particularly for treble percussion instruments; a lovely track. 'Early Row' has a summer glow and some laid back jazz. 'Kimberley Confesses' is another delightful bit of funny comedy writing full of coy charm. 'Guy Montage' is romantically introspective with a little upbeat stuff; 'Hanging Attempt' has a bit more jazz, laced with some contemplative music while 'Deeper Relations' brings romance closer with some smoochy movements just right for late night close dancing. 'The Race' is the exciting heroic part of the score with heart-pounding rhythms 'New Years/Benchkiss' is another beautiful evocation with more of that interesting orchestration from 'Dating and Training', somehow suggesting tackle jangling as boats sway. 'Rush to the Hospital' is another crazy characterful cue with those Mack Sennett-like chase allusions. The rather more subdued 'Proposal/Finale' ushers in a more serious mood as if the young people are facing up to life's responsibilities as well as its pleasures. 'Kimberley End Credits' charmingly wraps up the album.

An utterly captivating score. Its charms outweigh any reservations such that I am compelled to award it *****.

Ian Lace



Ian Lace


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